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  1. I forgot to leave a schedule. Mekanic streams everyday around 10pm EST except Saturdays. He doesn't have a set time to finish though.
  2. Hello members of the WotLabs community. I hope you don't mind me posting this here. I am a moderator in the Twitch stream of MekanicGaming and am here posting on his behalf. Mekanics stream is not a super unicum rofl-stomping everyone in front of him. What Mekanic offers that I haven't seen in many other places is a chilled out free flowing discussion. Scared his musical taste might scare you off, you have good reason. Thankfully he lets his viewers dictate the playlist on every stream, meaning you can kick back relax and enjoy the music you like. Mekanic is a player who tries to help infor
  3. Reverse side scraping makes it sound as though you're completely ignoring the solid cover, reducing the visible shot an enemy has, and just bouncing shots like a boss lol. Kind of an opposite to side scraping. In seriousness though it's just reversing into a wall rather than driving into a wall.
  4. Woah, these replies are superb. Thank you all for your help. Seems I have a bt of reading and watching to do. On the subject of reverse side scraping, it seems like something you can only use effectively if you can side scrape normally. Once I get the hang of making my armor super hard to penetrate, if the situation arises where reverse side scraping would help I shall give it a go. For now though I think I'll focus on the basics and getting them right.
  5. Im currently at tier 7 of the line. I am not fortunate enough to have reached the pike nose yet. I believe the first is IS-3?
  6. Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, hoping you are all well and good on this fine day. I come with a question about something you probably do without thinking, side scraping. Now I know the idea of this technique, leave a very acute angle for the opponent to shoot at, meaning each shot they fire either bounces or is eaten by the tracks. I also know side scraping is useless against derp guns, kv-2 for example. I have been trying to add it to my game play for a while now, especially since I am grinding the IS-7 line and the armor of those tanks isn't amazing. I'm currently at the IS and
  7. Thank you all for the welcome. If I say I'm a noob I have plenty of motivation to improve. The minute I believe I'm good I stop looking for areas of my game play to improve.
  8. I have been using this site for a while, never got round to checking out the forums though. So here I am, noob tanker extraordinaire, hopefully you'll be able to bare with me as I attempt to improve at this game.
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