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  1. I have always loved the T1 Cunningham. However when I got back online after finishing my semester of college, I find that it's been limited to only one gun! Why is this?! (I know why... it was OP). So I guess the real question is: What's the master tier one tank now? I've heard the lol tractor... but I never had a good experience with it... DISCUSS!!!
  2. When I play with a bunch of people they ask me why I put camouflage on all of my tanks... Obviously is so they're harder to see, especially on my lights, TD's and my one SPG. However they always tell me is just so darn expensive to put on. What many people dont realize is how quickly a camo investment repays itself. For example, For my tier 5, M10 Wolverine, camo of any type for 30 days cost 50,000 credits. As I was typing this post (probably shouldn't have been multi-tasking), I was in a match on Fisherman's Bay. I only got one shot off (94 dmg on a shot to a T29 where the tracks ate most of it), but at the end I received almost 5,000 credits. According to this, it would only take me ten days to make up the costs... as opposed to a +20,000 where I only need three games. Now lets talk about how painted camo works. One factor when calculating spotting range is the camouflage factor of the vehicle to be spotted. The higher the target's camouflage factor, the shorter the spotting range. Camouflage will change the appearance of your vehicle and will give a slight bonus in camo value. There are three types of camouflages: summer, winter and desert, which are used on maps matching the camo type. Within each type you have a choice of several options depending on the nation of the vehicle. Unless you only have tiers 1-3, its pretty much a good idea to invest in all three patterns. Plus it doesn't cost an equipment slot! So my point is: Invest in camouflage. Because even if you're not highly skilled, it can still make a major impact on your gameplay.
  3. So I recently unlocked the wolverine... I am frustrated using the starting guns... How do you guys cope with this? Do you wait for enough free xp, or do you just deal with it and grind it out?
  4. We have all had more than our fair share of suicide teams... you know, matches where the end score is something like 1-15. But what do you think about when you have the team that kills everything before you even get the chance to fire a shot. I find this situation even more frustrating because at least I could do some damage if my team flops on their back like a turtle. So I am going to leave you with two questions: What's you opinion on the matter? How would you make matches more "even"?
  5. Not as in in-game music, but something like Spotify or Google Play. Anyone? Personally I listen to "actiony" music... like stuff from the Bourne series.
  6. My honest opinion is that Arty was nerfed too hard. I understand that many people hate arty with a bloody passion, but some admit that there is a good that it does. It forces players to keep the game in motion, rather than camping all 15 minutes. Also I want the Duck to swim...
  7. Welcome to the forums! We hope you find what your looking for. Always nice to see another play try to better himself at the game. Good luck, have fun, die spectacularly!
  8. There is much speculation that the Russian heavy line is truly the best line, whether it's for noobs, or for fun. What is everyone's take on this? I have had the opportunity to play a variety of tier 8's to 10 tanks on CT, and I find that the Russians were... to the point... big, armored, facehuggers. That in my opinion is what a heavy should be. Anyone else's stance on the topic?
  9. How are people supposed to be playing artillery? I know arty is a really hated piece... but its good to know how to use.
  10. A long time ago I was at a historicon in Washington D.C. There were Wargaming reps that were handing out installation CD's for the closed alpha. I just put the disk in my drawer and forgot about it... the worst decision I could have made. Anyway, A good friend of mine pulled me into the light and started me up. I feel like I cheated myself on being among a select group of testers but alas here I am. That is how I started playing WoT. As for how I have evolved... yes, I will not argue when I first started out I have that try-hard dream... but over time I have grown fond of the actual game-play. The tanks that I have chosen were tanks that I believed would be the most fun for my type of play style (notice they're tanks with either speed, maneuverability or both) I enjoy driving the tanks around as well as trusting they can get the job done... I like the Chaffee especially since I like to go "slip-n-slide" with it. Sorry if you found my post confusing. I really enjoyed reading your response and input on the situation.
  11. Welcome to the forum. You can join a clan anytime you want. Though because you are new, the competitive clans may not be so interested. Look for the clans that are there for support and are there to enjoy the game. Good luck and have fun everyone Die Spectacularly
  12. Welcome to the forums, may this land bring you peace of mind... and stress... and love... and hate... and monolouging. Good luck and have fun everyone Die Spectacularly
  13. Welcome to WOTLabs! May you find peace in a mass of confusion. Good luck and have fun everyone ;) Die Spectacularly
  14. Some people say that there is a right way, and a wrong way to progress up the tech tree. I am going to tell you my way, and why I do it as such. If you take a look at your crew you will notice that after each battle you partake in, they gain a little bit of experience. The more battles you put them in, the more experience they get. Simple right? I have friends who plow their way through the tech tree. Sure they get to the higher tiers faster... but their crew remained relatively untrained and the player him/herself may not know how to play their tank to the fullest potential. What I believe is the most efficient way (if you want to have a good PR) is to grind your tanks out. This may not necessarily mean that once you have researched everything for one tank you move on to the next. Take a look at my tanks for example. You will notice that I progressed up the light tanks to the Chaffee and stopped... the reason being is that I plan to use the free experience I earn from the Chaffee to unlock the Hellcat. By doing this, I allow my tank crew to gain a ton more experience and I get more personal time learning on how to drive the tank effectively. In my head, I have certain milestone to progress up. My current ones are: Hellcat, Cromwell, FV304, Chaffee Why these tanks? For the personal missions of course! By using this system, I can maximize my potential by focusing on one tank at a time, then using the tanks I'm already skilled at to unlock the other types. These tanks in my opinion (after lost of research and community input) are the best tanks to play for the road to Unicum. Obviously I have a long way to go, but I believe after I unlock the Hellcat, my grinding will be faster since I can focus more on what I'm shooting at as apposed to trying not to hit a stupid rock. Well that is my take on researching and gaining combat experience. I would love to hear your input on what you do, why, and if you think you should have done things differently. I appreciate you guys partaking on this quick read. Good Luck, Have Fun Die Spectacularly
  15. Does anyone know of other really good war games? Other than War Thunder, Battlefield or Call of Duty series? I live in a military family and we are looking for competitive online multiplayer action.
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