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  1. Hello friends, I've noticed lately that my friend list is rather small and I thought it would be a good time to make a post. I'm looking for some relatively good players to add to my list of people to platoon with and maybe help me get from dark blue recent to purple. I tend to play at all times of the day including very late at night (11PM-3AM PST) and am unable to find players to platoon with during that time. Thanks to anyone who replies, jonzo3000.
  2. Hello Wotlabs! I've joined this forum looking for a place to improve my game play and find a good clan. I've been tracking my stats on Wotlabs for months and have enjoyed the service immensely. I know I'm a terrible player now but I'm looking to learn new things and further my game play here on the forums .
  3. I didnt get to finish and apparently i cant delete ... Update: Found out how to edit. Yay
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a new clan that's actively engaged in strongholds and possibly clan wars. I have up to tier 9 and I'm within 50k xp of a tier 10 (IS-7). I also have multiple tanks that are used in competitive play such as the Cromwell and the IS-3. Furthermore, I'm looking to become a better player by learning in a clan. Thanks, Jonzo3000
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