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  1. Recently found out that Scarlet Blade has been revived by a private server group.  RIP tanking time for a while.  So bewbis.  Many silliness.  Wow.

    It really makes me laugh at the recent WoT drama from folks who seem to have no idea what "pay to win" games are actually like.

    1. Fulcrous


      Anything that was hosted by AeriaGames at one point was pay-2-win under their belt.

    2. IgnobleDemise


      oh, yeah -- SB is definitely p2w.  If I wanted to break the bank I could increase my character's hp, dps, and armor by about 5x in 5 minutes without touching a single mob just by boosting my pet and gear.

      I've still got a serious soft spot for the game, though.  It's smexy, cheeky fun, and I love it's sense of humor.  How many games have characters that get pissed off and threaten to kill you when you mark them for deletion?  The current host seems a bit less cash-whorish than Aeria, too, but it's too soon to be sure.

      It's the WoT players who cry that unlocking modules 25% faster with a premium account or buying sprem ammo makes WoT ~unforgivably~ p2w who I'm shaking my head at.

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