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  1. The recent April 1st drama seems a bit shady.  What sort of person responds that quickly or energetically to getting unbanned from a forum?

    Was that really Gassai, or did one of you just impersonate him for the lulz?

    1. Luna


      Professional analysis:

      Text style matches what he did on official forums, in both punctuation and word choice.

      He is verified, so unless someone else stole his acc information, it's really him.

      If you look at the profile, it still shows his posts from when he first descended from the heavens to bestow us with his presence.

    2. IgnobleDemise


      It certainly does look convincing, but if that was indeed him...  That's just so sad and pathetic.

      It looks like he already had a post ready (couldn't brag on the official forums with his ban there, I guess), and just jumped at the opportunity to put it somewhere (anywhere) when the unban notification here came in.

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