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  1. Dont look at life as a far off object. Start soon and start early or you miss opportunities. Having connections help, yes; however, it all comes down to choice. You have to choose to build those connections. You have to choose to decide what your next step is. You have to choose to even accept money given to you by your parents because you dont work (not indicative of your post, just an example). The stars may align, they may not but in the end it all comes down to choice and that is something everyone has to make on their own.
  2. Life is not Fair and neither is tanks. Fairness is for the disillusioned and those of whom can not understand the dynamics of choice / consequence.
  3. Strongholds do get rather boring the more you do in a session. However, credit boost + team of good players + fastbois = easy credits which = more cost effective gold spam in pubs.
  4. ? Cards do not have just one port for connecting to a monitor.
  5. 980 Ti is not bad at all. Not sure 4k monitor is the way to go though. Never have been a fan of the price per performance. Then again I love my 970's in sli with the 3 22" SCEPTRE monitors I run. (Never have had any issues with sli and WOT runs as smoothly as it can...damn Russian developers)
  6. Your Graphics set up is interesting because its defeating the purpose of running more than one card. I suggest 2 of the same cards and SLI them
  7. From my understanding (Have not dug deep into the communication protocol of Wargaming.) this would be the case. Res_Mods is a local file and not hosted server side, thus it would need to be sent in a transmission between Client and Server. Just think Windows 10 Privacy violations
  8. Hey that's me Thanks Never and also for pointing out the mistakes, always helpful
  9. Best post of the thread^^ No other explanation needed as to why it should go back.
  10. LOL Hellsfog post a simple statement in regards to you posting on forum bragging and the other asking for help. Then you decide to rage on the same thread you ask for help. You had a decent game and farmed damage in a light. Thats as far as your game goes mate. Its not spectacular but its not crappy either. Don't ask for Competent and constructive criticism yet tell him to fuck off..nice one mate nice one
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