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  1. You will get proper insight soon... Edit: I actually abused my power the first time for you. Relog you massive mr sexii <3
  2. Seems like Loxx did choose my cock, quite happy with that
  3. Lel, if you had insight in what was going on in our forums 1st April your belly would still hurt from all the cramps caused by laughing your ass off
  4. I can't believe how a discussion about SirFoch becomes a debate whether WG should hardcap the amount of gold ammo one can use (which is a new idea to me, I have to give you guys that). I have to ask you guys one question though: Is Foch with his very strikt and stubborn opinion towards gold ammo and the resulting salt he is spreading because of it, helping the community in any way, shape or form? Well... I'm pretty sure whoever would watch Foch's stream the first time without knowing anything about the game, would never touch it in a million years. If that is what you want a stream to be like, ok. His YT is a completely different thing. That is the quality content the guy is able to produce and where he should put his energy in imo. At the moment it feels like he is only still playing the game because that is where his main audience comes from and so he forces himself to stream it daily. I want to watch people that have fun doing whatever they are doing. Foch is definitely not having fun playing World of Tanks and that is the message he sending via stream as well. Lel, I think I can guess quite accurately how many f's Foch gives about the opinion of us peasants
  5. The argument is not about him being a good player, but a good entertainer. In his videos he finds the right balance between salt, humour, swearing and quality content. His stream lacks this balance imo.
  6. His youtube stuff is great. Entertaining + informative and high quality. But his stream? Gives me cancer!
  7. Going to that spot in the first place basically says to me, you rely on your team to carry you. It didn't, so you ended up fighting an uphill battle against moronic enemies. Decent players would have either flanked you earlier or started shooting gold at you after you slaughtered the first few of their teammates. In a matchup like this, you can play the ferdi as an assault gun, actively helping your team, instead of doing basically nothing the first 3 minutes of the game and just getting into the fight when your team got stomped. Don't get me wrong the numbers are impressive, but seeing you moving out of base into the artylocation, I could tell you what would happen already.
  8. You know that I most of the times spam my whole friendslist with invites and somehow you made it onto it, when I wasn't aware But I would gladly join that party!
  9. Wow rude. I somehow missed the part where any of us PTS-D members said, that we are the new powerhouse roflstomping everything in CW without having much experience on the global map before. And I missed the part where we took the best members of both IDEAL and S3AL to form this imba-klanu. Here is how I got the whole merge thing (I might be completely wrong there, KAPPA): Both IDEAL and S3AL were unsure if they had enough activity to play this CW campaign successfully, so they decided to merge the ACTIVE members together (active means certain amount of days online during the campaign in that context) what had nothing to do with WN8 numbers or anything. So we formed an active clan and are pretty sure to get the tank for 100 people already. So where does the hate come from? We don't deny that we lost a lot of unnecessary battles in T6 and T8 but I don't get where we acted like a clan that isn't allowed to lose those battles without getting flamed.
  10. All of that is true Yuri, but if the fun you have in the game mainly depends on the group of players you are playing with and you have found this group, then you aren't depending on a clan anymore. I found a lot of friends in KITTY. But my interest in the game switched from mainly random games and platooning, more to SH and CW events. We tried to establish a strong base in KITTY, that wanted that as well. Turned out that wasn't possible. We are moving along, without forgetting the great times we had in KITTY! KITTY didn't change, but people did. There is no one to blame for that, it's just the flow of life.
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