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  1. Add me. Usually on a little earlier in the evening though... 5-8pm EST
  2. ^^ That's a good idea. I've been 'sorting' by Experience and usually just get lucky games by bad players... filtering by the good clans seems more appropriate, I didn't even realize you could do that.
  3. Well if you really want the MOST detail you need this... http://wotnumbers.com/Article.aspx?id=3216 It's an application you run on your PC and will provide you with all the info you will ever need Good luck
  4. This does it, you have to go there every day and manually update it though. http://www.wotstats.org/
  5. lol, that drives me crazy. You can add me Diatomix2
  6. Sorry Heavyshot, not sure how I missed your post. I'll add you tonight.
  7. Holy crap Exo, this is amazing. Thanks, going to post it on the M--M forums right now so the whole consortium can take a look at it. You asked for suggestions, so here's a thought. Wouldn't it be cool to have some of the spots linked to the images in the Micropositioning thread here. So for example when you do a summary for Cliff's you could mention E3 with a link like this.
  8. This is something I have to CONSTANTLY remind myself of. And when I do it, things usually turn out pretty good. When I don't I usually get sub par results. Someone on here (can't remember who), suggested just trying to change one small thing at a time. So for instance to help with map awareness, try to play a session where you force yourself to look at the map every so many seconds. Really concentrate on just this one thing first, then after that has become a habit, let it lead into thinking about what to do with that information... be it relocating, pushing, etc. Like others have sa
  9. Yea I saw the thread over there after I posted in here. That really sucks. Hey I noticed on the map you guys hold a bunch of land in the earliest time zones. Do you get many fights there?
  10. You can add me Nitrah, I normally only play for a couple hours earlier in the evening though... 5-7PM EST.
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