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  1. Any idea why the stats under Halls of Fame would suddenly reset? 

  2. I think it's the shell velocity. APCR is bad. HEAT's downright tragic.
  3. Anywhere else we were able to get bounty equipment except from the following:

    Berlin PvE = Vents

    Season 1 = Rammer/GLD

    Season 2 = Optics/Vstab

    Season 3 = IRM/Prot Tech

    Missing anything?

    1. simba90


      The only things was Season three you where able to choose your equipment,

  4. Hopefully they'll also increase the numbers of map we can ban.
  5. While it's undoubtedly terrible, I for one might get some enjoyment out of this.
  6. I'm really disliking Berlin so far, but I am hoping it will become a less frustrating experience as people figure out how not to play it.
  7. Small sample size but so far, I'd say it feels pretty damn competitive. Albeit boring.
  8. I think the 112 and the Patriot are both decent tanks but they play so differently it's pointless to argue which one's better. If I had to pick one, as a long time 112 lover, I'd have to go with the Patriot. 112 might win more and have the occasional monster games. But Patriot is vastly more consistent and profitable.
  9. https://imgur.com/Bhy9vOt I couldn't believe it.
  10. Haven't played in ages. iVents/iRammer/iVstab still the holy trinity on the vast majority Tier X meta tanks?
  11. https://imgur.com/a/Z0pLQc8 I needed less than 150 battles to mark the T-100 but failed to mark the EVEN after 230.
  12. Not sure how they get their data but requirements on that site seem (absurdly sometimes) high compared to what they're like ingame.
  13. 2 x 75 boxes resulted in a grand total of 1 T8 tank. I guess it could be worse.
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