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  1. I think we can all agree Progetto is in a class of its own.
  2. I'm really pissed they've decided not to award bonds for medals. It wasn't excessively lucrative and it needed effort. It was a nice incentive not to slack. Now that bonds aren't on the line it just feels like a mindless grind. Anyways. getting Engineering V and spamming caps is the easiest way to make general in my experience. I favor AX/Progetto/432 above all else. 0 premium ammo/consumables except for AFE. Lynx has been obscenely fun to play on a couple of occasions.
  3. To anyone ever featured on Best Replays of the Week, did you get the chance to buy that fugly camo?

    1. Assassin7


      uhh @zapyoug did ages ago, but hes ded now and he didnt even get the gold from it IIRC

    2. Kolni


      nope, just gold all 4 times

    3. Sapros


      Right, guess it's RU exclusive.

  4. You call it a limitation, others call it one of its main selling points.
  5. 1500xp wasn't enough to Ace it yesterday.
  6. How do relatively bad players manage relatively good dpg in Tier X artas? Does it have something to do with platooning basically guaranteeing every match is full Tier X hence HP to farm? 

    1. hazzgar


      T10 got way more static because of hull down meta so arty can feast. Also bigger splash means even if you aim like a donkey you will do damage. Fast reload means you will do it often. Haven't played the t10's but I play the m53/55 for missions and jesus it's so easy it makes my LEFEFEFE look like a bad arta in comparison

  7. You're characteristically wrong. Interesting assumptions nonetheless. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_projection
  8. I could have bet my left nut the resident white knight would have something to say about that remark.
  9. Fuck Blizzard.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      I'd get Destiny 2 but then I remembered I need like $60 of DLC to full experience it... yeahhh nah.

    3. Rexxie


      I see Diablo got the C&C treatment. Oh well, another five years of PoE cornering the ARPG market.

    4. Tman450


      *Activision Blizzard. Has sucked for a long time.

  10. O.o

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. hazzgar


      @Haswell I'd pay money to have that dude follow my worst enemies and narrate their life morgan freeman style. Would probably go to jail for causing them to kill themselves

      "Konk". Jesus

      Also can wg pay him to go to a barber and look less like a total dweeb?

    3. Vindi
    4. Sapros


      I received the gold ages ago. I figured it was a consolation prize since the replay hadn't been featured. Better late than never. :)

  11. Lowe or Patriot ain't got shit on the Caer AX imo. Tried to play Lowe after the AX, ended up dismounting the equipment after less than 10 battles. Mobility felt like crap. Aim time felt like crap. DPM was actual crap. It works, it earns, it also bores me to tears. Patriot has some slight advantages in the mobility/view range/alpha departments. AX though crushes it most other ways. It's simply a great all-arounder that rarely has issues finding ways of being useful, no matter how hard the MM tries to fuck you.
  12. Just when I was thinking at least it can't really get any worse than Studzianki, here comes Empire's Border. 

    They're on a roll. 

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      Have you ever thought Mountain Pass allows for too much speed? GOOD NEWS!

    2. Assassin7


      Empires border has been on the china server for years, you'd think theyd have the data to see of its balanced or not by now.

      Only played it once, my first impression wasnt great

    3. lavawing


      <China server

      <useful data


  13. Did my SP not get upgraded like everyone else's? It might be because I haven't played it in ages, but it still feels like the same old turd It always was. Mind-numbingly easy to play is the best thing I can say about it. I'd much rather play the Caer AX in spite of it's significantly worse MM. Not to mention stuff like Lorraine/Progetto.
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