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  1. How do relatively bad players manage relatively good dpg in Tier X artas? Does it have something to do with platooning basically guaranteeing every match is full Tier X hence HP to farm? 

    1. hazzgar


      T10 got way more static because of hull down meta so arty can feast. Also bigger splash means even if you aim like a donkey you will do damage. Fast reload means you will do it often. Haven't played the t10's but I play the m53/55 for missions and jesus it's so easy it makes my LEFEFEFE look like a bad arta in comparison

  2. Fuck Blizzard.

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    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      I'd get Destiny 2 but then I remembered I need like $60 of DLC to full experience it... yeahhh nah.

    3. Rexxie


      I see Diablo got the C&C treatment. Oh well, another five years of PoE cornering the ARPG market.

    4. Tman450


      *Activision Blizzard. Has sucked for a long time.

  3. O.o

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    2. hazzgar


      @Haswell I'd pay money to have that dude follow my worst enemies and narrate their life morgan freeman style. Would probably go to jail for causing them to kill themselves

      "Konk". Jesus

      Also can wg pay him to go to a barber and look less like a total dweeb?

    3. Vindi
    4. Sapros


      I received the gold ages ago. I figured it was a consolation prize since the replay hadn't been featured. Better late than never. :)

  4. Just when I was thinking at least it can't really get any worse than Studzianki, here comes Empire's Border. 

    They're on a roll. 

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      Have you ever thought Mountain Pass allows for too much speed? GOOD NEWS!

    2. Assassin7


      Empires border has been on the china server for years, you'd think theyd have the data to see of its balanced or not by now.

      Only played it once, my first impression wasnt great

    3. lavawing


      <China server

      <useful data


  5. Anyone willing to grind out an M48 on a fresh account? 

    Paying relatively well if you get it done relatively fast.

    Message me if interested. 

  6. Playing Patriot and Patton 46. Seeing less T10s while playing the 46. What the actual fuck?

    1. simba90


      Blame preferential matchmaking.

  7. What kind of crew do we get for the British Challenge? 0 skill BiA or regular?

  8. Is there an alternative to to check out the collision models of newer tanks?

  9. Best Tier X tech tree med. to pimp with improved equipment and casually farm tears and bonds? 

    Thinking m48 since autoloaders aren't my thing and 430u is a bit too HT'ish. 

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    2. Fulcrous


      Bat is still aids fully kitted out.

      Better off fully kitting out something like a progetto or the K91 thats coming out soon.

    3. HemanathanRX7


      I wouid go with the progetto over the k91 tbh. Its more versatile I feel. True batchat is still aids gun handling fully kitted out but it does make it better significantly, and especially if you like it it would make a difference.

    4. lavawing


      Just tried 430U with the improved vents, .36 accuracy and 446 viewrange without food. #feelsgood

  10. Why would I have an extra 2.5k gold compared to yesterday since I didn't buy it and didn't receive it as a gift? 

    Noticed after switching servers so I didn't check notifications.

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    2. j_galt


      Just use it?


    3. Sapros


      It's from a replay I submitted ages ago apparently.

    4. Assassin7


      You got featured in best replays of the week? Haha.

  11. T8 only Frontline. 

    So randoms in a T8 will mean even less top tier games and randoms in a T10 will mean even more full T10 shitshows. 

    Eat a dick WG.

  12. Has anyone else been having FPS issues since the 1.0 beta drivers were released? Starts off fine and gets progressively worse as I play, a restart being needed to fix it. I was hoping I'd go away with 1.0 but it didn't.

  13. Can you complete personal missions in ranked battles?

  14. Windstorm is so fucking terrible we won't even bother restoring it into HD.

    But enjoy playing in Ranked Mode!

    Because fuck you, that's why,

  15. The fuck is wrong with people going for cap and playing artillery on the 1.0 CT.

    1. TAdoo87


      just make a training room to test the maps it is much easier.

  16. E50, how the fuck does a T-10 pen at that angle? Is full of shit?

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    2. Fabunil


      The shell riccocheted off your side and then went into the overmatchzone above your tracks.

      Also, it wasn't the T-10 but the 110 using the stock 122mm who did that.

    3. Fulcrous


      its not it is wot that is full of bullshit

    4. DirtyACE7


      The bullshit is also known by its technical term as RNG.

  17. What are the chances of getting banned because some idiot is supposedly trying to sell your account on some websites?


    1. RC_Tank


      i'd hope WG isn't that stupid but :kappaross:

    2. Zepherex


      make a ticket to WG about it with screenshots and a link saying someone is trying to get you banned

  18. New T8 premium. 9/10 first battles are T10s. 1/10 are wins.

    Best MM we ever had yo.

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    2. DHP


      Bro the MM is the best it has ever been. I don't get to be the only low tier that one in a thousand game now so.. Win, win /s

    3. TAdoo87


      I think its fucking trash. Not because of the template (that is trash too). I started to write a rant about it, but I deleted it. It doesn't matter since it will be never changed. 

    4. Gr1nch_1


      What are you guys talking about. Mm has been fixed.

  19. I think I've reached the point where I can't stomach slow tanks anymore. Either that, or the Lowe is a massively overrated turd. 

    1. TAdoo87


      Maybe a bit over-hyped, I also took my part in it, but it is honestly a good tank, but it is easy to get bored with it.

      The thing is I also can't make myself to play slow tanks anymore. I need to be in a special mood to do that nowadays.

  20. Exclusive test server footage.


  21. Has WG in any way acknowledged the fact that a lot of T8s are virtually unplayable since the MM changes?

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    2. Epic


      You complain about balance issues, not the MM. It is the best MM we ever had.

    3. Sapros
    4. Kolni
  22. While 3 marking the Skorpion I managed to win a staggering 2 out of the last 20 matches.

    What the actual fuck?

    1. Javajunkie8b


      Its been the same days too...always top xp and dmg on the losing team.  Im at like 45% win rate over the past few days.  Cant wait for this on track to end....teams either camp base hard until they're completely surrounded or yolo and die in the first 2 minutes of the game....

  23. I guess the best way to provide feedback on ranked battles is to just not play any and hope they eventually go away.