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  1. Just noticed how QuickyBaby's modpack shows 58% w/r as purple.


    Am I missing something, or is he so infatuated with himself he needs to lower the bar in order to make his own w/r dark purple? 

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    2. Epic


      I was under the impression he had some fanbois make it for him every patch, could not even be his doing.

    3. Folterknecht


      58% - > unicum, is/was based on old statistical data for WR distribution among the playerbase. With the padding inflation (rerolling, excessive platooning ...) since 2013/14 the term unicum as a whole became somewhat mushy. And I'm pretty certain that if you only considered solo play over a wide spread of tanks not just some cherry picked FOTM vehicles with normal grinding, the 58% value would still hold true.

    4. Errants


      Shit, I'm not as bad as I thought, then...

      Nearly unicum overall!

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