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  1. The padding is real.


    1. CompeAnansi


      What equipment and consumables are you running on your VK 30.01 P? Care to say a bit about your playstyle in it?

    2. Sapros


      Small med/repair kit and chocolate. Rammer/Optics/EGLD. Crew was spec'ed for view range, so bia/situational awareness/recon in addition to sixth sense/safe stowage/repairs. 50/50 AP/APCR and 0 HE.

      I tried to abuse view range as much as possible as even at T8 there's not a lot of people with 445+. Assault maps in particular are amazing for this. 

      When that wasn't possible as top tier I went in as aggressive as possible and used dpm and alpha to bully anything and anyone. When bottom tier just kemp bush and spam APCR like a bitch, because AP has such terrible velocity it's very hard to snipe with it. 

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