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  1. Best Tier X tech tree med. to pimp with improved equipment and casually farm tears and bonds? 

    Thinking m48 since autoloaders aren't my thing and 430u is a bit too HT'ish. 

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    2. Katoleras


      You will want to go with 907 or 430U.

      I think autoloaders benefit more from improved equipment since their base stats are usually shit to begin with though, just putting it out there.

    3. lavawing


      @Katoleras autoloaders are pretty unsuited to the 250 mm armour or GTFO meta thats been going on lately, though. the t57 maybe, but thats a big maybe
      ideal stets fyi: https://tanks.gg/tank/t57-heavy?e=44.47.48&c=47.-1.-1&k=0.3.8

    4. Katoleras


      @lavawing Partially true. Autoloaders are unsuited if they have problems with penetration.(Aka TVP)

      Italians get 268/330 from tier 9 and up.

      Batchat gets 259/330.

      Here is fully kitted out BC (518m view range with god level gun handling for an autoloader, probably the best scout in the game)



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