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    Sapros reacted to Thracicus in Referral Program 2.0 (the tanks)   
    Hi guys, 
    If you're interested in a contract for the referral program, i have 3 slots open for recruts. You can acces my link below. Looking forward to playng together. 
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    Sapros reacted to lavawing in New Italian Heavies: Rhinoceronte   
    Min DPM
    Max bloom
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    Sapros reacted to Never in Rudy periodic stats issue FINALLY fixed!   
    The issue with Rudy stats appearing in the periodic columns when changing between Polish Rudy and Comrade Rudy has (finally) been fixed!
    Cheers and Happy New Year!
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    Sapros got a reaction from echo9835 in New Italian Heavies: Rhinoceronte   
    While it's undoubtedly terrible, I for one might get some enjoyment out of this.

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    Sapros reacted to lavawing in Your Excluded Maps   
    your team:

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    Sapros reacted to Fedaykin89 in Bourrasque, Tier 8 Premium MT (Marathon)   
    Omg omg omg omg

    Sorry for my stupid enthusiasm fellas... but this is really the first time something like this happened for me!

    This is the 2nd bunch of 3 boxes I bought this winter (the other being in December... I don't have the best of wages AND I'm not keen on giving WG my money at all, but what the heck, the 3 box deal is dirt cheap)...and the fucking Borrat came in the 2nd box!

    3rd box also gave me 3D style for E4, fuck yeah!

    Oh my bloody stars!
    At first I thought it was a tiny tier 5-6 shitter or whatever can drop out of them boxes... but then I noticed the silhouette.

    I literally shouted a FUCK YEAH alone in the house!

    Goddamn it, this really feels like winning the lottery with a pure blind luck. WarGayming really know how to market these things, because frollock me sideways, the giddy feeling is definitely working!

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    Sapros got a reaction from PityFool in Bourrasque, Tier 8 Premium MT (Marathon)   
    I couldn't believe it. 
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    Sapros reacted to Overlord_Prime in Equipment 2.0 Builds   
    Hello, it is I, the writer of the massive document.

    Surprised to see that it was posted here of all places. And not surprised to see that I got actual brain damage reading Wanderjar's comments.
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    Sapros reacted to kolni in Assault and Encounter in 2020   
    sand river assault has been gone since 2017... and it was the best map/mode combo for damage farming the game ever had and ever will from both sides until the fucktards added a ramp in the goddamn middle, and then it was still an awesome map compared to the norm)
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    Sapros got a reaction from sohojacques in Loot Box Results thread dec 2019 edition   
    2 x 75 boxes resulted in a grand total of 1 T8 tank. 
    I guess it could be worse. 
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    Sapros reacted to sohojacques in The 3-mark Thread   
    Another lowly effort from your resident scrublord:

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    Sapros reacted to Diriz0n in toxic light tanks   
    The risks, constitute:   A) getting himmels, which you turn off.  B)  getting Ensk, which you also turn off.  C) running into an EBR which prevents your spotting position, which is a light tank itself.....
    Seriously, those are the only two maps that severely hamper the use of a light tank. Sure, you cannot get 6K assisted damage on Empires border or mines or mountain pass.....as you can on malinovka or redshire. But it is not underheard of getting 2K fairly easily. Especially early game mountain pass where people basically have to cross either spawn lake inlets. 
    Westfield, Studzi, Steppes, Malin, Redshire, Prokh, murovan, fishermans bay, live oaks, el halleuf.....l think there are more than 2-3 scouting maps....
    Let us look at it like this.  ls a super heavy tank at risk sitting on a corner in himmels or ensk? Well, not from arty, granted. But you can still get shot in the face by someone unwilling to play your 'game' with 34Omm HEAT.  or Sheridan/Type 5 just slinging HE? FVs anyone? Heck even 6OTP, T11OE4, E-Hundo, 7O5A, Jag Pz do it. Not too fun.  The problem lies in stagnation, well this sort of grinding, heavy, stationary play slows games down. 0f course, but you SEE him doing it, you can avoid it. You can't SEE lame light tanks stagnating gameplay, in their bushes. You can't avoid a large portion of these. Especially maps like Malin, Prokh, Redshire, Murovan  -  where important bushes cover huge swathes of territory. 
    No one is calling light tanks overpowered here,  well except EBR, Type 64, Type 62, LT432. But at a basic tech tree level, not many are. Much like artillery, they are not overpowered. They are broken. The outrage over EBRs, are they have -more- broken features, than normal light tanks. They have features which wreck game balance. They allow users the opportunity to fairly easily do something. Despite their simplicity, do arty or light tanks score 2.5K DPG? Heck do they even do 2K in most hands. An obj 9O7 easily accomplishes 3.5-4K in any reputable streamers hands. Let us not forget what people complain about, broken vs overpowered. Light tanks are bad for the game, cause stagnation, and punish aggressive play.
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    Sapros got a reaction from Archaic_One in The Great Race - Rats Rule, and Deer Drool   
    Trash mode for trash players. 
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    Sapros got a reaction from BedakCoa in Steel Hunter - Yet another game mode   
    Chevrons tho.
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    Sapros reacted to _Violence_ in The 3-mark Thread   
    Now the entire Object 268 family is done!

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    Sapros reacted to haglar in The 3-mark Thread   
    A 45 battle 3 Mark at tier 9 with 4.6k avg well beyond anything I had ever done before

    All games were streamed 
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    Sapros reacted to Assassin7 in Patron but no service?   
    Firstly, thanks for helping keep Wotlabs running with your patron! Its really appreciated.
    Secondly, WoTlabs updates its stats automatically whenever you load (or refresh) your stats page. there is no garuntee when the stats update, much less 6am. The updates are not always WoTlabs controlled, its limited by when the WoT server API sends the info to WoTlabs. Normally the data in the API updates only when you log out of the game. So if you log out of the game, a couple minutes later wotlabs should be able to update with the new data. - this process is the same for everyone, patrons or non patrons. Its limited by Wargamings API, not Wotlabs itself.
    Also, as far as I am aware, it isnt the previous 24H from 6am. Its the previous 24hr from when you check the page. Which means if you play some battles at say 8pm at night, log off and go to bed, wake up at 8am and play some more battles, those two sessions will be combined in the 24hr slot. You'll have to wait until 8pm again to get just that mornings session.
    Final note: your first two posts came off rather accusatory, which is why you got the response from Haswell you did.
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    Sapros got a reaction from WhatTheSkara in Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran   
    Am I the only one who had to look up what a catamaran is? 
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    Sapros reacted to _Violence_ in The 3-mark Thread   
    I'm back after a long time with the WZ-113G FT as the main highlight:
    AMD 178B + 100%

    Strv S1


    Strv 103B

    Strv 103-0

    AMX Cda 105


    WZ-113G FT

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    Sapros got a reaction from monjardin in Frontline: Best tanks/tactics for farming General   
    I'm really pissed they've decided not to award bonds for medals. It wasn't excessively lucrative and it needed effort. It was a nice incentive not to slack. Now that bonds aren't on the line it just feels like a mindless grind. 
    Anyways. getting Engineering V and spamming caps is the easiest way to make general in my experience. I favor AX/Progetto/432 above all else. 0 premium ammo/consumables except for AFE. 
    Lynx has been obscenely fun to play on a couple of occasions.
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    Sapros reacted to Tman450 in Winrate Expecations   
    It's easy to farm WN8. it's much harder to consistently carry games. they sometimes go hand-in-hand, but game winning plays are more important than damage maximization if you want to win.
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    Sapros got a reaction from simba90 in Frontline is coming back 2019 (12 times a year)   
    You call it a limitation, others call it one of its main selling points.
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    Sapros got a reaction from 8_Hussars in Frontline is coming back 2019 (12 times a year)   
    You call it a limitation, others call it one of its main selling points.
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    Sapros reacted to mati_14 in Frontline is coming back 2019 (12 times a year)   
    It would literally kill the game, if it was permanent, absolutely nobody would play tier 8s outside frontline, which would shit on mm even more. Nobody would care about grinding +8 because you wouldn't have a fun place to play them. Tier 12 aka full tier 10 games are not fun at all.
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    Sapros reacted to Haswell in У меня пропало оборудование   
    That doesn't even make sense...

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