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  1. Im looking for someone to play with that could help me improve my game while still having fun while playing. NA server either east or west, i can play whenever
  2. I need help playing this thing. I dont know where to go on half the maps and dont fully understand its strengths and how to play to them.
  3. Im on NA and looking for someone to have fun playing some tier 9,8,7. Averageish skill would be nice, something matching mine if not better, id love to learn. But overall just wanna have fun and grind tanks
  4. ProCaptain

    50 120 Help

    hm but i dont really think im that good of a player at all, should i just not get this and wait until im better as player and understand the game better?
  5. ProCaptain

    50 120 Help

    Yeah thats another thing i hear, but do you have any tips to play it? I feel like its more of a support tank over a heavy carrying tank
  6. ProCaptain

    50 120 Help

    Im getting close to unlocking my 50 120, but i'm too sure if i'm going to like it. Everyone says its trash because of the long aim time, and long reload time in between shots. But does anyone have a different opinion or tips for it?
  7. Im looking for someone to platoon with to just have fun and grind out some tier 8,s and 9's. Sadly i cant use teamspeak or anything, but i can use skype on my phone if youd want to talk. Thanks for your time On the NA east server, name is Procaptain1 message me on thier because i might be in battle
  8. Well i consider myself below average lol
  9. I really want to get better and i will put as much time as it takes. Im a below average player with the occasional carry, any help would be appreciated Thank you for your time
  10. So i have been playing for a while and id like to improve as much as i can, im pretty bad to be honest but i am willing to learn and will do whatever it takes to get better!!
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