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  1. Just got my account suspended for the use of an "inappropriate nickname" that isn't inappropriate at all FeelsBadMan


    1. Errants


      What was it?  Current handle?

    2. GreyKnight9612


      It was NeverLucky420_MLG_PRO_PL, can't see how this is inappropriate.
      Waiting for the support to answer my ticket now, so thats going to take a while and will probably end up with some coppy pasta about how the mm works and that they are sry that I couldn't complete my personal mission in the training room :jebaited:

    3. GreyKnight9612


      Update: Apparently "MLG" would be confusing to other players, since it is related to Esports, therefore it is forbidden by the rules :gachi:

      That being said, they did unban me and granted me the possibility to rename for free, supprised me quite a bit that they answered so fast (only 1 day) and that they were so cooperative. Lets hope this does'nt happen again since the guy made it really clear that next time I am going to stay banned

  2. This is actually not true, at the current version of the test server you also earn bonds in 15v15 tier 10 games. As to the distribution of the bonds within 15v15 and 30v30 it seems like it is xp based. However it does not really scale that well, you do like 600 dmg and get 7 bonds or something, you do 4k dmg and get 15 bonds (only my subjective experience after yoloing in a few games)
  3. You can buy the T34B for half the prize at the moment, if you already have the normal T34 in your garage. AND you can gift it to someone else for half the prize even if that person does not have the T34 in their garage, just tested it.

  4. RIP wasn't aware of that... stupid me But still, WT-E100 out of the game, a nice replacement would have just made that day even better.
  5. I really don't think so. From what I have seen (someone actually posted a replay form the Grille at some point [chinese server or something]) the Grille will be actually not that bad at all. Think of a T110E4 without any kind of armor but you get much better gun handling, better rof (as far as I know) and much more mobility (+fully traversable turret if I am not mistaken). You also get 8° of gun depression which is also nice. All in all I guess it will be like a Borsig with 15cm upgraded to tier X, could be worse if you ask me. Edit: also, as long as the WTF is out of the game I would not m
  6. So all of a sudden this happened.. :disco:

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    2. ArrogantWorms


      I was hoping for new knowledge

    3. KruggWulf


      Your parents never loved you! :^)

    4. ArrogantWorms


      I knew that before I was born, more!

  7. thx wg for 3 times Sand River encounter in row... did not do a single mission but hey, statt padding is real bois :awyeah:

  8. tfw when you get flamed by a guy named TooBusy after the battle and then realize he wasn't even in that battle.. this guy has literally 48 games played on tier 1 so far thats it.. like wtf just happened

    1. KruggWulf


      I've had that happen a few times from random shitbads.

    2. GreyKnight9612


      it is just so retarded cause I did not play tier 1 for years.. must be some kind of stupid troll acc I guess a real new player with 50 games would not even know what warpack or gold ammo actually is...

    3. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      its fun b/c that guy is the alt of some shitter (who idc) who spams a lot of people..... i've seen his name b4 lol

      I has a feeling someone has a little to much free time to do that in both NA/EU

  9. Ever since you were talking about this in clan chat I am thinking about it... can't make up my mind though because, while I enjoyed playing team battles from time to time with some friends back in the days, I don't really know if I would like doing it in a "professional" way in the long run. And if I would join I would have to rebuy some tanks aswell.. Guess I will think about it some more and just pm one of you within the next days. Anyway I wish you good luck finding some other guys aswell
  10. That's true but the angle was not that bad... atleast it did not look like that for me to be honest I might just be wrong.
  11. Well since I recently bounced the turret roof of an is3 with my object 263 (130mm gun), while even shooting it from above, (should not matter annyways since 100% chance to pen in any angle) it seems like they already did it for the is3. And fucked it up.. so it's inpenetrable now because.. stronk russian tank made out of Wil try to find the replay and add it to this post. http://wotreplays.com/site/2170689#siegfried_line-greyknight9612-object_263 The fun part starts at 7:15. Before you blame me I am aware that the IS3 is using the stock turret, so in fact it is only the 2 caliber rule that c
  12. No there is nothing wrong with the topic itself. But since he asked for tipps in general aswell I thought those might be interesting. As for the replays I am sure there will be someone who can spend the time on analyzing them and give some more specific advise, I sadly don't have time to do it myself atm.
  13. Maybe you want to have a look on these 2 topics, both are quite new and you will probably find some general tipps on how to play the is3. I don't think that you will get to many answers on this topic anyway, just because those 2 topics exist and most people probably don't want to answer the same question (how to play an is3 properly) a third time aswell. Hope it will help you http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/21780-how-to-is-3/ http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/21841-better-avg-dpg-in-kv-1-than-is-3/
  14. regarding that youtube video I have a question... so you are blaming the VK for fucking up his shot, after you did not play to well yourself and more importantly not killed the is3 either allthough you had the chance to do so more than just once? Ofcourse it is annoying if something like that happens but as I said you should not really blame the VK since you could have gotten out of that situation by your own multiple times, I suggest you should rather look at what you could have done differently in that situation. I don't mean this in any offending way, I just think you can learn alot more a
  15. First of all sorry that it took me this long to answer, but somehow I did not get any notification regarding this thread anymore... And what you are saying is obviously not wrong. These games were very lucky but the thing is if you want to have amazing games you will need luck. Its just the way it works. The difference between a very good and an average player though, is how their decisions influence weither it is a one in a hundred, or one out of ten games being amazing and also how good or bad the average and bad games look like. I have a lot of shitty games aswell, thats just normal and hap
  16. So first of all I will make me look like a retard with saying you should go for vert stabs + rammer + OPTICS as equipment. Yeah optics because.. viewrange? No but seriously you can get relatively nice view range on your is3 if you actually use optics and I am aware that its a heavie tank, but you can never have to much viewrange and you would wonder how much spotting I tend to get with my is3 just because tier8 is basicaly blind... Playstyle wise I can link you a ytb video that I made a while a go where I just put 5 acetanker in the is3 in a row (there is no commentary though since I am to la
  17. http://www.vbaddict.net/wot.php vbaddict actually has a so called timegrid (thats how it looks like http://imgur.com/yIfm1YN ). It basicly shows you "how much your performance of the last 30 days is differencing between hours and weekdays". However it only shows winrate, activity and accuracy, so if you want to know about wn8 or some other rating it wont really help you I guess. The page is still quite nice, because you can check your stats for every single day of the past week (might be interesting for you aswell) and also for every single tank individually (you can check how much dmg you ne
  18. No problem, glad if it helps you
  19. well first of all congrats to a really nice game. Now there are 3 things which I would have done different at the end. After the FV shot you and you lost your commander and gunner I personally would have set the commander back in action, for just a few reasons. First you do not really needed you gunner in that situation, since everything was at really close range anyways. Second of all the commander is way more important if you ask me, because if your commander is dead you basicly loose around 10% of crew skill so to say (the bonus the commander gives to the rest of the crew is no longer activ
  20. Actually no... eu1 just crashed right after WG send out the advertisement for QB stream and its really hard to get on EU2 now cause everyone wants to connect to that now aswell as some spots are reserved exclusively for gamescom... so just keep trying I actually managed to connect now somehow
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