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  1. Thanks for all the replies - just added you all
  2. Just looking for some friends to platoon and spam some heat with on NA West.
  3. Looks vaguely similar to a picture of my cat I took, but he's fat and ugly.
  4. Have you tried flashing your CMOS - pull the mobo battery. WAIT 5 MINUTES. Also, is your computer POSTing - do you hear a beep when you press the power button? 1) You usually can flash a BIOS only if your PC is booting. Some ASUS and GB boards of other options but probably not that ASRock B150. 2) Flashing a potential instabil system - when will you people learn that a crashing system during a BIOS update is a good way to totally brick the board? Folterknecht
  5. Thanks for all the advice. Sartox, that is eerily similar to what I'm doing right now.
  6. I'm plateaued at 2.3k, I need some help to push past this barrier and become a 'leet Unicum'. I play on the NA server and can make any time after 3:00 PST(7:00 Eastern) work. Thanks in advance.
  7. Just wondering if any Unis would help me improve; Esp. High teir med gameplay (E.G. BC25t, Amx 30) I can typically be on 5-8 O clock but I will be on most of the day for the next couple of weeks because winter break ;^).
  8. Lol. Same^^ I wish I could get into a blue clan, and I think it would help me, but my stets are significantly too bad for it.
  9. I wish I was as good as of a new player as this new player ._.
  10. I was looking for a fairly serious t8+ Platoon mate. FYI, I only have 2 t10s. Cheers, 4khan
  11. Hey, I was looking for someone to show me the ropes and hopefully help me break free from my 1500 recents. I can mostly platoon at ~5:00-7:00 Pacific time. I mostly use TS to talk, but I also have mumble. I don't have a server we can use though. ;-; I would really appreciate anyone who's wiling to help!
  12. Alright. Unfortunately I'm actually going camping this week so I won't be able to upload any replays right now, but I will later. (Once I get back.) Here's my early game set up. Typically my game plan is to start sniping and taking 'safe' shots that won't get me spotted. From there, I typically reload my clip and head to wherever a difference needs to get made (heavy battle or med battle) / damagefarm on low tiers if we are winning. Thanks for all the help, guys! My circumstances are pretty tight right now but I'l be sure to check those replays out as soon as I get back.
  13. Hey, I've been having a lot of difficulty playing the batchat. I've been playing it a lot and it's been sending my win rate and wn8 down the toilet. My current win rate in it is 43%. A Typical day playing in the Batchat 5/8 games. I was wondering if someone could teach me how to play this tank, which started out as my valhalla and has turned into my personal hell.
  14. Thanks, guys. This has been a huge help and will hopefully take the next step towards being a better player.
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