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  1. Title pretty much says it. I left the game around 2016 at around 1750 win, now I am having a hard time getting back up there. Currently running in the 1400s. Would like to try to get over 2000.
  2. I play in the IS line of heavies. Is this a line that is forgiving for taking damage and learning to play heavies. Also is it good line for improving heavy gameplay/ statistics?
  3. So, i got to platoon with a blue player the other day and i am pretty sure he is purple recent. The point being he was doing 4k damage in a match and i asked him how and he replied, "I am in the fight". I play tds and heavies mostly and do not know how to keep up in the flow of a battle or a flank to deal damage. Anybody that can give some insight of how to be better placed in a battle to deal damage would be greatly appreciated. I have read the Kraft Lawrence articles and need some help understanding those if anybody would point me there. Thanks, Triack2000
  4. So I am a 1750 recent win8 player trying to get any advantage possible to boost my stats. I use auto aim indicator to shoot most of my shots. I am normally poking a corner or being mobile. I am bouncing a lot of these shots and am wonder should I be auto aiming? If not, how do I quickly snap off a shot on a weak spot manually? Any help or thoughts appreciated.
  5. Hey guys, still having problems, is there anyone active that can help me. I watch the people who have posted and cant seem to catch them on. Anyone out there who play nights?
  6. during that time I was in a training clan HARMD and was running tier 6 and lower mostly. Not padding just helping out earlier members
  7. Thank you all, I see a definite improvement, I still need to platoon with someone to try to understand how to play. I have been trying to apply the knowledge I have to farming damage, but it needs to apply to winning. Thank you to those who posted important forum links, i have read most and have learned even more. Is there a preferable post of how to side scrap? I currently own an Is-3/8, a tiger I and a t1 heavy. Any player will is greatly appreciated. thanks to those who have posted Triack2000
  8. How do i get my win rate up? I know that i get my win8 up by doing damage. I have not figured out how to win more. So help in how to raise that would help Thank you, i will definitely try to catch you while your on.
  9. I have been playing takes for just over a year and a half. I have been in multiple clans that have taught me the basics. In public matches I can just barley make out with this 1700-1800 win8. When i go into clan wars and strongholds I Can pull purple most of the time. I guess my biggest problem is knowing my tanks and the map. My awareness is low and I hyper-extend a lot... etc. I have a lot of knowledge as you can tell and i am looking for a mentor that can help me apply it to the game. I am on most nights except every other Tuesday and Friday and i don't play Mondays. Any help is appreciated
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