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  1. thanks everyone for the suggestion i think all the reading actually paid off. check my stats for the past 24 hours.
  2. i am interested pretty sure i qualify and definitely need the help.
  3. basically i should continue to just farm and rush my way to tier 9/10
  4. i feel like tonight is going to be very depressing because after all i have read nothing is going to change and im still gonna get my ass womped when i get home.
  5. i have now read Green Level Tactic Guide #3: Weakspots Green Level Tactic Guide #2: Target Selection& Green Level Tactic Guide #1: Armor Facing any other good reads ?
  6. Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes.@Shifty_101st I decided to go down the IS7 line because i heard the KV's weird good tank and because i like to play russian tanks.... not really much thought went into it other than that.
  7. Hey guys i am dr_serge just found the wotlabs site. really hoping i can use this site to help me improve and find people to play with. feel free to add me in game and invite me to platoon with you. im a 26 year old father of 1 from Southern Ontario Canada. i have been in two different RDDT clans but was kicked due to inactivity because i got distracted by real life things going on at the time. feel free to post link to other areas of the site that you think i should look at or read etc. the tanks i play are kind of all over the place and i have tried a bit of everything i even through some
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