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  1. Asus Zenbook Pro looks better compared to the Dell for the price range.
  2. This right here is not going to get you far, start cleaning up and act like you care that you are going to be in Gold League please. This is not going to do anything good for yourself or your team. It takes way more work than what you did in Silver to prove yourself as being a contender and acting like this on public forums and the wot gold league forums is just bad and is only going to hurt you.
  3. Looks like he decided to drop acid before making this music video.
  4. Luna come back to play tanks I want to do 4AM insomnia pubs again.
  5. Will always remember the 4am BULBA insomniac pub session with you Luna.
  6. They upload the matches on youtube the next day so you could watch the replay of HWC.
  7. Well Merkle, Wally, and I are in the top 10 so far in Fantasy
  8. So I've been playing vanilla for a little while but wanted to use xvm again for the dmg panel to keep track of progress when im doing a mission of where im at but the scaling is off. My screen is 3200 x 1800 but i think the mod pack is scaled to 1920 x 1080. Anyone know how i can change this so everything fits the screen well.
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