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  1. I haven't spoken with O_P_Hacker in a long time (I barely played all year lol), he used to try to recruit me in 2016 and sometimes invited me to detachments.
  2. I'm a player who's been casually playing on and off since the game was in beta and i'm looking for a solid clan who doesn't mind recruiting a player who often goes inactive for a few months at a time (can login if pm'd on discord though). I'm currently in one of my inactivity periods but this new v1.2 patch is getting my attention so I may try to play the game actively again. What I'm Looking For In A Clan ⦁ Any Size Clan (Small/Medium/Large, 10-100 people) ⦁ Average WN8 of 2000'ish or Higher ⦁ Preferably active and successful in either Skirmish's or Weekly Tournaments (I value these above clan wars, haven't done any in quite awhile though, are they still called skirmish?) ⦁ No strict schedules or activity requirements (I could hop on if pm'd on discord or something when i'm not actively playing) ⦁ Chill people to play with Player Skills: I'm a little bit rusty right now (ignore 30day wn8, played stock t3-4 polish tanks without prem lol) but when i'm all warmed up I range between 2750-3250 WN8 with 59-61% W/R in random games mostly solo and I can do fine in clan wars and weekly tournaments. I generally play mediums as my preferred tanks though for awhile I was starting to get into light tanks last year, I play a few heavy tanks in the mix, and I barely ever touch artillery. Favorite Tanks: (Random Battles) E50M (I was one of the first players to finish the german med line post-launch, played for gun/armor/ramming when e50 released) T30 (One of my favorite tanks to play, i use it like a heavy, I have no plans to get the T110E4 any time soon, that kranvagn looks promising though) T26E4 (I always got a platoon mate to push me at the start when I play this tank, with the speed buffs I may play this more often than before) AMX 13 57F (It's a very fun tank to play, especially in a platoon with other 57's doing coordinated assaults) Pz. 58 Mutz (one of my go-to tier8 medium tanks when not leveling something, not played too much since there were so many t10 games) T20 (my go-to tier7 medium tank if in a t7 platoon) T49 (I enjoyed this tank after they upgraded the small gun, was grinding towards tier10, wasn't too good with it early on when it was derp only) T10 Tanks: (I don't play t10 much and most battles are from years ago) Maus E100 E50M JpzE100 Obj.140 T110E5 AMX 50B Clan History: [CTR] 2011 (Random Canadian Clan) [5CAD] 2013 (Random Canadian Clan) [BLU] 2013 (PURPL's sub-clan of all blue wn7 players, was a strong clan for a short while and even had top5 wn7) [BADGR/SPICY] 2013-2016 (PURPL+BLU merged clan, clan died in 2014 i think) [SIMP] 2016-2018 (I was too inactive this year to stay in the clan so they let me go)
  3. Metalkon

    Opinions On The T-34-3?

    I think i'm gonna buy it and transfer my Type64 crew into it since I don't play normal chinese tanks. (Can always retrain a new type64 crew in stronghold t6 fastbois)
  4. Metalkon

    Opinions On The T-34-3?

    I'm looking into buying a new tier8 premium tank and this is the last pref8 one that I can buy that's still available in the in-game shop which is making me consider buying it. I played it for about 10 games in the latest test server and enjoyed it but haven't had any real server experience with it. Anyone able to help me with my decision while I wait for my March Mapness tournament gold (12k) to arrive? (I'm also looking at the T-54 Prototype but im worried about its t10 matchmaking)
  5. Metalkon

    E75 vs VK4502B vs E50

    I have a spare German crew (female crew) and I wish to buy back one of my tier9's (i have none) for platoon and wn8 purposes. Anyone have some recommendations and reasoning to why? I'm leaning towards E50 and E75 but i've only ever played the VK45 when it had bad armor a few years ago.
  6. Metalkon

    I need help learning map positions

    It would give me a good head start knowing the best positions.
  7. I'm looking for someone to teach me all the best spots on each map so I can improve myself in the game, my biggest weakness as a player is map knowledge outside of the most basics. My goal is to achieve a recent 3000+ wn8.
  8. I'm looking for a good clan to make my home, I want some good fun people (with purple wn8 ofc) to hang out with when my usual group of buddies are not around. I'm not fussy about clan wars since i'm mostly focused on skirmish's and such. My Clan History CTR (2011-2012) 5CAD (2013) BLU (2013, PURPL sub-clan) SPICY/BADGR (2013-2016, PURPL+BLU Merged) My T10 Tanks E100 JpE100 E50M Maus AMX50B T110E5 Leopard1 (not purchased yet) Obj140 (brand new as of this topics creation) Clan Requirements 1) 2400+ Average WN8 (Recent) 2) Not many bad mannered egotistical people 3) Some good personalities in the roster (not many arseholes) 4) My Clan Wars attendance and such being optional (I don't like daily schedules for a game... i'll attend if i'm online but not on a required schedule)
  9. Herro I've finally decided to register to the Wotlabs forums! I feel that this forum will be a good place for me to improve myself in the area's that I'm lacking. (what should i know about this forum?)
  10. Metalkon

    Map Locations

    My biggest weakness is map knowledge... Aside from Kolni's micro-positioning topic, are there any other good topics that show sweet locations and strategies?