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  1. Guys, the cable is fixed, if we all go back to playing the game he can say he won this one as well
  2. Mr Skell, could I please have a copy of your dpsklinepushbulipack? Did a google search and could not find it any where. Also does it still work if I want to push the a line? Do I have to be a member of dps to access all the special content? And if i just want to sit down the back in a bush will it still give me auto aim features?
  3. The Fallen Angels are a casual clan which requires a tier 10 to join, and a mature attitude. We do Clan wars on the weekends and platooning and strongholds whenever we are on. http://asia.wargaming.net/clans/2000000835/ The Rising Demons are a Training clan. We do not require you to have any tier tank, just the want to learn and Team Speak http://asia.wargaming.net/clans/2000005718/
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