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  1. Car Mechanic Simulator I am having break from nolifing on randoms. Only SH and short random sessions. Because of this game
  2. I wanted to add some stuff, but watched this video again and everything is said out if that I would not use AP at all
  3. Its not only about dpg you can get. Other thing is that VII tier + 390 alpha in something having armor (reliable or not) and turret is just pure fun to play. Other thing is that 240 alpha is nothing scary for VIII tiers - not saying about IX. Losing 400 dmg can hurt even on IX tiers. And another thing. This is one of the few tanks in this came combining good alpha and good dpm.
  4. IMHO IS with 100mm have not balls.
  5. I want to join BatGurl request. Cant wait for Obj 140/T-62A replaypack with his comment.
  6. What about Object 140 through T54 Lightweight line?
  7. Thanks bro. I hope that i will repair my stats EDIT: Dpg ig going hgher and higher. 3rd mark done
  8. I am not purple, but I was instructor in BEPRO - War Acedemy and have some experience with mentoring. Now our students have own clan (its possible to join only after finishing BEPRO - every single member was our student). Most of them started with orange/yellow recent and even worse overall: http://wotlabs.net/eu/clan/IMPR0 First of all you have to face the most important - it is IMPOSSIBLE to teach anybody to play this game. The only you can do is to show how to learn to play this game. If somebody do not want your help - dont waste your time. Its pointess. Use it for somebody, who wants to use it. So - i believe that every single player can reach green recent (out of really special players) only if want it and have decent mentor. Imho the best method is playing platoons with player with at least 1k recent more and is explaining whats happening. Which tier/tanks? Depends of students actual level. I would start with t-34-85 and Cromwell (or premium versions of them). Focus on this elements: -reactions for what happens on minimap - this is the most important -map knowledge -understanding role of the tank in battle - depending of tank class, map, MM (top or bottom) -mechanics! - penetration mechanics, spotting (understanding 15m, proxy spot, spotting 445m harcap, drawing) -prepairing tank for battle - modules, equipment, crew (what perks and how many perks on which tier they should have) Point the biggest mistake - explain why it is mistake and how to improve. Use just finished battle as an example. After session - let the student work with it. Come back after few days and check if problem still exist. Help to eliminate it or focus on smaller mistakes. Some of players will need time to improve. Some of them will need only few battles. I was mentor of my favorite platoon mate. He just needed few tips and just went just like that from 1800 recent to 3000.
  9. I just dont understand this tank. And dont understand how you use it to brawl. It has no alpha, no armor (including turret ). Gun is accurate, good view range, cammo and HEAT. For me both tank stats and my results say me that I should stay as far from enemy as possible. Have disappointing 2350 dpg on it. I was thinking that 2500 would be piece of cake. Do you have any replays?
  10. I recorded 8h session (most T-54). Can you take a look on random battles and try to find what I should improve with my meds? https://www.twitch.tv/maniekwot/v/94943144https://www.twitch.tv/maniekwot/v/94987769
  11. Yeah. I will look at vod for more. Looks like unicorns dont like play Leo anymore. Hard to find anything
  12. I watched some of your stream today. You was playing Leo. This is my only tier X med atm and I am driving it like retarded goat. I saw some games and it was looking good. Any chances to see Leo replaypack?
  13. Please post if have something to say. I wish to hear you speakin polish
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