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  1. Rolling_Tigers

    Sidescraping/angling in an Obj. 140?

    I found sidescraping in my 140 extremely awkward. It theoretically can work, but I've never found it reliable. IMO this is because the armor layout of the 140 is weird - instead of a boxy shape, the armor looks like a upside down trapezoid (go to and look at the upper half of the upper plate); what this means is that if your opponent hits the side armor part that extends from the trapezoid part of the upper plate, they'll very likely bounce, but part of your weaker upper plate extends when you're sidescraping. Also the stats for the 140 side armor are a bit of a lie. It's 80 mm but only in the bottom half. This is why I found the E-50m way better at sidescraping - the upper plate is much tougher, so if you overextend it's not super-punishable. It depends far more on angles, so it's more prone to player-error- if you over angle you'll very likely get penned. This was really annoying at first, cause I found it actually easier to sidescrape with the T-54 than 140, so I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working at first. Essentially, use your turret, only sidescrape if absolutely necessary
  2. Rolling_Tigers

    Object 140 drivers thread

    Ok, thanks for the advice.
  3. Rolling_Tigers

    Object 140 drivers thread

    Ok, thanks for the tips.
  4. Rolling_Tigers

    Object 140 drivers thread

    I cannot believe how utterly crap I am at the 140. I did decent in the T-54, getting 2 marks, but for some reason the 140 just doesn't work for me.
  5. Are you adding Pleb and _Nova?
  6. Rolling_Tigers

    LF Weekday Team

    Do you do skirmishes? I'm in a team you can join, if you want. It's not regular however, but just in case you want to join.
  7. Rolling_Tigers

    Ruinberg CW anti-camp

    If you are the north spawn in CW ruinberg, and the south is camping hard in the K/H regions in the back of the city, what can you do to break up the camp? Is there a place where you should push hard? Or just bring arty? Thanks in advance for the info
  8. Rolling_Tigers

    Organized Battle Calling

    How does one call for tournament battles, clan wars, team battles, skirmishes? I understand that you can't explain this in using text but experience, as most guides I've read don't do much more than offer a few tips for certain situations that may or may not come. I've already read several guides (WaterWar) and watched youtube videos. I'd like to become a successful caller in the future, but I don't know how. The only tactics I know of are pushing tanks that are numerically inferior, to form blobs with scouting in other flanks, and use the proper tanks for the right maps. I feel like while skill matters, in the top clan battles it falls down to the skill of callers. I'd like to call for Skirmish and Weekday Warfare Tournaments at the present to win some gold and purchase a tier 8 prem to grind tier 9 credits. Understandably these battles are dominated by specialized clans (Zouth in particular). Anyone mind helping me out?
  9. Rolling_Tigers

    Karelia Assault

    Where exactly does one go to scout and snipe on Karelia attack and defense? Also, what are good positions for stealthy tank destroyers?