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  1. Yeah mission was 4k damage and 2 kills for HTC (I need the credits quite badly as I have about two Tier 9's, with a third coming soon, to buy and I ran out of prem).
  2. I don't get why OMEGA would use that mod though. OMEGA then had even better players than the OMEGA today and they could totally trounce most clans without breaking a sweat. Was there even a need for it? For ESL at least where most teams are nominally in the same skill bracket, using such mods would give you an advantage (though it still wouldn't justify it imo, just saying).
  3. Wait what? OMEGA uses those mods? Always had them down as a pretty good clan..
  4. Sadly anyone who has the tank will be dogged by suspicions of rigging, whether they actually did it or not. It's just bloody impossible to get a game unless you organise it before hand.
  5. If the Leo is a 10 then your scale would probably be out of 15. The T95 is a 100/100 if you're backed into a window on Ruinberg, just so you know.
  6. The CAX turret can actually be decent as long as you minimise exposure. Sorta like the STB turret. As long as you keep moving you can hulldown pretty safely. Plus the CAX UFP can actually bounce some shit while the 30b is paper all around. The 'better' 30b turret compared to the Leo isn't worth jack because everything still pens it anyway. Edit: The 30b turret might be proof against HE, but seriously, only shitters shoot HE regularly and most here can outplay pubbies in a Leo for that not to matter anyway. I must admit sometimes I run full HE E100 sometimes just for shits and giggles
  7. From my experience almost anything I shoot at the 30b turret goes through anyway, except for the odd troll bounce. But even the Leo turret can pull off weird bounces.
  8. I like how being Swedish is an excuse for being shit at things in general now!
  9. Am I just unlucky or am I totally shit at TD's? Bought the JPanther II, have like 20 odd games with fucking 900+ DPG. Also played 20 odd games in SH with it, and was doing 1.5-2k every game. Granted, I still only have the 105mm but what the fuck? I got pubbies penning me in the mantlet almost every game and I'm not sure if they're shooting there when I'm hulldown because they know it's a weakspot or they're shooting just to hit something.
  10. I wish there was a way I could buy free exp off you since you clearly have no further use for it.
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