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  1. Ultimate tier 10 suicide scouts. Just what we needed in this game.
  2. The lovely feeling when a three man platoon tries to team-kill me from the start of the game for spotting the other side of the map, and I still end up top xp, and they fail to kill me.


    The unicum experience, sponsored by XVM.

  3. Did you ever work for a big company? The guys actually doing the work like balancing, MM and such, are probably 3-4 level below the managers, who make the calls. If some information is misinterpreted/misrepresented on any of those levels, then they will make a bad decision. This can happen quite often. I can make a possible scenario easily just to illustrate what I mean. Lets say someone made a case study right after the introduction of the 3-5-7 asking 1000 players if they like it or not. Lets say based on their answers one could conclude they like this MM if they are top tiers, and
  4. Am I getting crazy or did they ninja buff the dmg of the clickers. I don't think the tier 9s dealt 600 dmg with splash on 430Us

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TAdoo87


      Paranoia is definitely on the table. :look:

    3. sohojacques


      I’ve found the 430U to be surprisingly susceptible to arty as well. Same “balancing” technique they used on the S. Conq... cause it worked so well there?

    4. Vindi


      I get 550+ rolls these days regardless of tank-type. Got killed in an sconq by a tier IX m53 on prokhorovka by 5 shots or so. Wonderful things. Permastun is just as bad as getting oneshotted. Unbelieveable amount of bots returned to play this game, I usually don't check other player's stats one-by-one but I had so many "interesting" battles that I had to. Basically I found out that in one day of a time (in a 2 hour long sesh) I had 7 bot (300<wn8) players on my allied team and every battle is a lost one because the enemy had 4 500wn8 players. All of these guys have 20k+ battles with 45%-47% wr and at least 2 arties played for 3-4k battles/.

      The game is just dying, it could be a wonderful game but its slowly turning to trash.. Probably I will make a second account and will have some fun in a t67 but nothing more...

  5. SOB9ReU.jpg

    WG can't possibly dumb down the game sufficiently for this people to achieve something. They weren't afk.

    1. hazzgar


      Naaah I just talked to a 53% wr player (not padded) who claimed he had to camp in his t30 because "gold pens" and "weak armor" (even on turret) and "Stock gun can't pen anything" so I'm not surprised. 

  6. I think regardless of the details how the changes are actually happened, there is a clear underlying philosophical change at WG that happened 3-4 years ago. It really boils down to this I think: Old days, I call it Serb-era: Equal opportunity can be summarized in two (actual) quotes from him: - Skill MM: “There will be no skill MM. If you improve your skill, you will have the right to pwn” - Q: “Will you introduce high penetrating premium tanks?” A: “How about a ‘pwn everyone’ button?” Currently: Equal outcome Oh, you are too dumb to understand the game mechanics? You
  7. powercreep went over the roof when they decided the solution of the games problem is to buff the heavies, remove weak spots etc.
  8. I have 2 weeks of premium, 900 gold and 5 million credits left, and probably that's it for me. The reasons are the same as everyone else's, so instead of writing the same things down I will just leave this here: Number of players per week EU: RU: NA: TL;DR: Server pops are all time lows and even the Russians hate the recent changes
  9. I would pay a fuck ton of money to WG as a player, if they would just un-fuck the game to a point where I can play one hour straight without getting angry.

    1. Jesse_the_Scout
    2. DirtyACE7


      No comrade, but you can pay them more to fuck you further and harder. Don't forget about this option.

  10. Any good VR game to pick up for vive?
  11. Did they change something about the arty damage in the last patches? I was deleted from half hp a couple of times.

    1. Hellsfog


      No. Arty is now properly balanced.

    2. kariverson


      Dude yeah. I've been thinking the same. I don't remember t10 arties to still be able to do 650-700dmg hits after the rebalance. 

    3. Haswell


      You got balanced. :serb:

  12. There was no direct nerf if I remember correctly. It was proxy nerfed by power creep and map changes.
  13. I tried to play randoms after playing frontline yesterday. It was fucking frustrating. I tried to grind the tier 7 spagetti tank. I had 75% WR over 24 battles, but I still hated every single moments of it. No amount of WR or Dmg will make me like the game anymore in it's current trash form. The maps and the MM are so fucking miserable in randoms, that I won't be able to play this game after the event is over. It fixes two out of three issues with the game (maps and mm) and also a lot of the frustrating things are not a big issue with the respawn. The sad part is for a second I thought WG
  14. WG looking at the numbers of the EU server:



    PS: It is the same on the RU server too.

    1. DHP


      what website is this ?

    2. simba90


      google for wot-news

    3. Assassin7


      To be fair a large percentage of that is probably people who cant run the game any more on their potatos

  15. First of all this is a rather old thread and it was last updated in february. On the other hand I am also not a fun of the patriot, but it is clear that I am underperforming in it. I simply don't like pew-pew guns with bad handling. I would also like to call it trash - since I don't like it - but objectively it is not.
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