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  1. The lovely feeling when a three man platoon tries to team-kill me from the start of the game for spotting the other side of the map, and I still end up top xp, and they fail to kill me.


    The unicum experience, sponsored by XVM.

  2. Am I getting crazy or did they ninja buff the dmg of the clickers. I don't think the tier 9s dealt 600 dmg with splash on 430Us

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    2. TAdoo87


      Paranoia is definitely on the table. :look:

    3. sohojacques


      I’ve found the 430U to be surprisingly susceptible to arty as well. Same “balancing” technique they used on the S. Conq... cause it worked so well there?

    4. Vindi


      I get 550+ rolls these days regardless of tank-type. Got killed in an sconq by a tier IX m53 on prokhorovka by 5 shots or so. Wonderful things. Permastun is just as bad as getting oneshotted. Unbelieveable amount of bots returned to play this game, I usually don't check other player's stats one-by-one but I had so many "interesting" battles that I had to. Basically I found out that in one day of a time (in a 2 hour long sesh) I had 7 bot (300<wn8) players on my allied team and every battle is a lost one because the enemy had 4 500wn8 players. All of these guys have 20k+ battles with 45%-47% wr and at least 2 arties played for 3-4k battles/.

      The game is just dying, it could be a wonderful game but its slowly turning to trash.. Probably I will make a second account and will have some fun in a t67 but nothing more...

  3. SOB9ReU.jpg

    WG can't possibly dumb down the game sufficiently for this people to achieve something. They weren't afk.

    1. hazzgar


      Naaah I just talked to a 53% wr player (not padded) who claimed he had to camp in his t30 because "gold pens" and "weak armor" (even on turret) and "Stock gun can't pen anything" so I'm not surprised. 

  4. I would pay a fuck ton of money to WG as a player, if they would just un-fuck the game to a point where I can play one hour straight without getting angry.

    1. Jesse_the_Scout
    2. DirtyACE7


      No comrade, but you can pay them more to fuck you further and harder. Don't forget about this option.

  5. Did they change something about the arty damage in the last patches? I was deleted from half hp a couple of times.

    1. Hellsfog


      No. Arty is now properly balanced.

    2. kariverson


      Dude yeah. I've been thinking the same. I don't remember t10 arties to still be able to do 650-700dmg hits after the rebalance. 

    3. Haswell


      You got balanced. :serb:

  6. WG looking at the numbers of the EU server:



    PS: It is the same on the RU server too.

    1. DHP


      what website is this ?

    2. simba90


      google for wot-news

    3. Assassin7


      To be fair a large percentage of that is probably people who cant run the game any more on their potatos

  7. My second tier 10 Kolobanov's medal:


  8. I figured out why do we have the 268v4 in the game. WG wants everyone to spend their free-xp on it before the introduction of the new tech-trees. Mark my words it will be only nerfed right before the introduction of the Italian tech-tree. Possibly in the same patch.

  9. Are MoE's bugged on the EU server?:kappa: I played for 2 hrs and the percentage didn't change.


  10. Does anyone know how to win Fjords north spawn? I don't seem to remember to lose a battle from south or win one from the north in tier 10. South just can cross fire 2/3 of the map, and I just don't see any open attack point.

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    2. Sapros


      They just take the old "dip" or climb up the new ramp.

    3. king_spaniel


      A8, B7 gets absolutely wrecked from E4 and E5, which is already favored towards East/South base.  And little to nothing can be done because the whole middle area has been stripped of any hardcover.  Committing into A9 means you're charging past your own bottleneck, and that corner is completely isolated from anywhere else on the map.  I feel like West/North base is severely gimped.  Yet again another lazy map reincarnation from WG

    4. Assassin7


      Oh, they changed it! Fuck

  11. One of the clicker bot in my team, called everyone noob from the first second until the last. That is solid indicator of being a retard, so I checked out his profile after battle. I did't even expect to find such a treasure:


    I have to tip my hat off. This is remarkable in it's own category.

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    2. NightmareMk9


      Master of Cancer, Air and Land!

    3. king_spaniel


      clearly not his fault, after losing thousands upon thousands of games while contributing little to nothing, it's definitely the shitty teams that he always gets, duh

    4. lavawing


      it's the teams maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan their working against him

  12. Does anyone know a place where I can download a massive amount of replays. Something like the wot-replays but without clicking the download icon one by one.

  13. MFW I parked my tank in the wrong bush a bit off relative to my usual position because of my clumsiness just to realize I should have used this bush the whole time.


  14. I wish every single player were a damage whore. It is strange to say it out loud, but most of the toxicity of the game comes from players how "play for the win" with 47% WR. Most of these players have a specific mindset they are not trying to win, but they want to prevent the enemy from winning.

    1. "I gotta shoot this bottom tier purple if I want to win. QB told me to focus good players."

    2. "I must TK this bush camping light. We are losing, because he is not spotting."

    3. "I have to defend the base because if they over run our base they are going to win."

    4. "I will pre-aim this flanking position with my top tier auto-loader. If they flank us we will lose."

    It's not a rant. I am genuinely trying to better understand pubbie logic, because my predictions suck.

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    2. orzel286


      This needs a wows edition:

      "Enemy boats spotted, I need to run, fast!"

      "Enemy is capping our base, need to run FASTER!"

      "My german bb has 20km range, I'll stay 20km away from red boats!"

      "What are A and D keys for?"

      "Ooooooh look, a torpedoboat, I need to get as close as possible!"

      "I'm top tier bb, so obviously bottom tier cruisers have to tank for me!"


    3. monjardin


      5 hours ago, kariverson said:

      One of the most infuriating situations is to have tanks camping behind you but never even try to shoot tanks that are peaking at you or pushing at you.

      Be careful what you wish for. They’re more likely to shoot you in the back of the turret than to actually pen a shot on the red tanks. 

    4. kreigermann


      pubbie is as pubbie does.
      There is no understanding.
      Like trying to count the grains of sand on the beach there are way more reasons for "I PLAY 4 FUN, you cheaterhack statpader"

      At least with players that are trying to get better of all levels there is a unifying theory: get better, win more, have more fun winning more.  You know... I play for fun too. Sometimes I fail at that miserably, and question my sanity for continuing on playing. 

  15. The CHAI clan on the EU server has anything to do with the NA one other than the naming? I am just curious.

    1. Fulcrous


      Don't quote me on this but I believe it is the real CHAI or at least has affiliations with the real chai.

      I suspect that it's mainly for NA people with EU accounts who play on EU every now and then.

  16. Played 3 random games today so far. I got messages after two games. This was one of them:


    He was top damage in our team, probably first time in his life, but we lost.

    1. DirtyACE7


      Not every day one encounters a talking vegetable.

  17. MFW I was thinking this 183 can only kill me if he pens me with HESH. But he is a 42%er, so he loaded AP and ammo-racked me from full hp. Obviously.

    1. BlitzReaper
    2. Darvek


      Why didn't you use your unicum module health hax?

  18. I don't know why there are so few arty in ranked, but I am not going to complain.

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    2. monjardin


      I imagine there are fewer at higher ranks. The low ranks are littered with the dirty bastards. I haven't played the mode much, but I almost always had about 2 cancerous clickers per side.

    3. Fabunil


      Because artillery is shit for gaining chevrons.

      You have to be lucky with both the map (get Himmelsdorf and you are guaranteed to lose a chevron or at the very least not gain one) and with the teams (no carry potential and no platoonmates to carry your ass = coinflip wether you win or lose.)

      And since chevron gain is roughly proportional to the amount of exp at the end you are still going to lose more than you gain.


    4. TAdoo87


      On the long run everyone converges towards 49% WR in ranked. So it is a coin flip either way. It is about consistently being on the top of your team. 

  19. There are SO many new players on the EU server it is crazy. Like half of the team has less than 5k-8k battles and grinding their first tier 10s. This is the worse possible thing that can happen with the game.

    1. monjardin


      That doesn’t make any sense. New players keep the game from dying. 

    2. TAdoo87


      That means we get 4 more years of Murazor.

    3. monjardin


      Oh. Irony. I see. You should have used sartalics

  20. I run my 430 (tier 9) with AFE.

    I died 3 times in 14 games already due to double fires. Am I being extremely unlucky or should I just drop BIA for FF?

    1. Epic


      fuel tank fires were always pretty common with this tank, I ran large repair kit so the fuel tanks got repaired as well. Wouldn't drop BIA, but running the FF directive could be a good alternative.

    2. TAdoo87


      Damn I forgot about the directives. Thanks!

  21. WoT 1.0 test server is up and running. (Common Test)

    1. Siimcy



      Gonna be dank

    2. TAdoo87


      I gotta admit, it looks dank as fuck.

      There are some bugs. If you have nvidia card, you might get some objects without texture. But if you reduce the texture quality the bug goes away.

    3. Assassin7


      mfw I just deleted the test server last night to free up space on my HDD

  22. It is bad enough that tier 10 platoons exist at all. Why are they allowed to be top tier? They are not a single bit better than arty players.

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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      I mean you're not entirely wrong since skilled players platooning can swing games in any tier, but I'm laughing too hard about "worse than arty" to not downvote you so I'm sorry

    3. TAdoo87


      @PlanetaryGenocide Like I said, I realized that is overly dramatic, but I won't ninja edit my status update.

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      lmao yeah.  internet points are meaningless anyways

  23. The worst part of watching the battle after you die is when you hear the tick of the camo net or bino activating on a superheavy.

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    2. DirtyACE7


      When you hear those clicks you know the player will be some window-licker. After battle results prove it to be true like 99% of the time.

    3. leggasiini


      Binos on superheavies is understandable tbh if you happen to be a F2P player and have binocs lying around. 

      Using 1.5 million credits to equip one tank (without discounts) can be quite damn expensive for a player with no prem account or tanks

    4. DirtyACE7


      Well, if you're going to be red-lining with your super heavy, then I guess binos and camo net are understandable.

  24. Wanted to play a few games in the BC. First game arty pens me for 1k hp, okay. Second game borsig sniping with 150 mm gun pens me with HE for 1k hp, okay okay I get it I go play civ6 or AoE2.:MingLee:

    1. Tarski


      Same thing's happening to me right now. 

  25. Who do I have to bribe to get map relevant armor in my team? If there is a package in which these armored tanks take also take the fight then I would like to get that one. Thanks

    1. TheMarine0341


      Buy Stickygreen's account

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