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  1. Am I getting crazy or did they ninja buff the dmg of the clickers. I don't think the tier 9s dealt 600 dmg with splash on 430Us

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    2. TAdoo87


      Paranoia is definitely on the table. :look:

    3. sohojacques


      I’ve found the 430U to be surprisingly susceptible to arty as well. Same “balancing” technique they used on the S. Conq... cause it worked so well there?

    4. Vindi


      I get 550+ rolls these days regardless of tank-type. Got killed in an sconq by a tier IX m53 on prokhorovka by 5 shots or so. Wonderful things. Permastun is just as bad as getting oneshotted. Unbelieveable amount of bots returned to play this game, I usually don't check other player's stats one-by-one but I had so many "interesting" battles that I had to. Basically I found out that in one day of a time (in a 2 hour long sesh) I had 7 bot (300<wn8) players on my allied team and every battle is a lost one because the enemy had 4 500wn8 players. All of these guys have 20k+ battles with 45%-47% wr and at least 2 arties played for 3-4k battles/.

      The game is just dying, it could be a wonderful game but its slowly turning to trash.. Probably I will make a second account and will have some fun in a t67 but nothing more...

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