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  1. So just got the e50, using the long 88 to grind for 105. It's surprisingly good. Managed to get 4 3.5k+ dmg games in a row. People underestimated the insane fire rate on the gun. I'm definitely gonna like this tank even more when it's fully upgraded.

    1. RC_Tank


      IIRC, the long 88 with APCR is a very viable option even with the 105 unlocked

    2. WhatTheSkara


      i'll try the long 88 (already marked the tank, so idgaf about stats) for the lolz

  2. At panther 2. Have the 88 L71 but also have xp to get the other 88 L100. Should I get that gun or just go right for the e50?

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    2. JSalvy


      @DirtyACE7I have 44k as of now. So if I get it then I'm pretty much back at 0 xp again.

    3. DirtyACE7


      If I'm remembering correctly, the E50 is around 150k exp? If I were in your position, then I would get the L100 based on where you are in the grind. You are still in the early stages. You can also use personal reserves when grinding and that should get you through it faster.

    4. Tman450


      get the L/100, because you can mount it on the E-50 to ease the stock grind.

  3. So I found another game that drew me away from tanks, and that is Warframe! Man this game is grindy as hell, just like tanks but it's so fun! It doesn't get frustrating at all. Even the RNG doesn't annoy me as much. Anyone here play Warframe as well? 

    1. Tarski


      Played it for like 500 hours before burning out. This was before a lot of new content and changes though. 

    2. karl0ssus1


      Its good, but get far enough in and you run into a wall. The RNG for the drop tables will start to shit all over you as you get into the end tier content, and the PVP is still awful, so theres no real end game stuff. Its just grind, get bored, wait for new content to be released and repeat.

      At least DE push updates pretty quickly and have a fair bit of new content sitting in the wings, so you dont tend to get bored of the game for long. Still content on its own will only get you so far, they really need to continue developing their universe and sorting out the overall plot.

  4. JSalvy

    Old Games

    Burnout was so much fun,man. I played it quite a bit on the ps2. As for crash bandicoot, great game as well. Had it for my ps1. Too bad my scumbag friend never returned it.
  5. JSalvy

    Old Games

    Dude, mario was the shit back then! I played it on my friend's nintendo as well. Did you have Donkey Kong Country? I think that's what my friend had, He would always play as Donkey Kong and I would play as Diddy Kong.
  6. JSalvy

    Old Games

    Hitman was a great game as well!
  7. JSalvy

    Old Games

    Hello, everyone! So lately I've been taking a break from tanks and started playing other games. I looked around and found two classic games that I spent countless hours on when I was a child. These two games were Call of Duty 2, and Star Wars Battlefront 1. As soon as I started playing, the memories came back. It was truly a nostalgic trip. I remembered running around like an idiot in Call of Duty with a sniper, jumping off buildings and shit. Not a care in the world. Then there was Star Wars Battlefront 1 which I also played quite often with my friends. It was of the games that got me into sh
  8. I actually liked it. One of the few 8s I feel comfortable fighting tier 10s as long as I'm hulldown. Just wish it had a bit more penetration. IS3s and IS6s were a nightmare for the gun.
  9. Gonna be Pershing, T32, Jpanther 2 and IS3 as the last tanks. With the IS3 being the winner. GG boys.
  10. I think I just went 5/17 today,boys. Tier 10 is getting ridiculous. FeelsBadMan. 

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    2. JSalvy


      Better than my session bro. I want to go on and try to make it better but it's probably gonna get worse. I always run into 3 man unicum platoons when playing solo tier 10s :( 

    3. Fulcrous


      Tfw 5/17 > 2/7

    4. JSalvy


      percentage wise yes, mine was BARELY better. But I still think mine wasworse overall because I had to endure that crap even longer. I should have stopped sooner after being one-shot twice by arty at full speed in my mediums and then losing 1-15 a couple games after that. Guess who got the only kill...

  11. Played like an idiot and still managed to pull this off. WG PLS BUFF E5 SOME MORE. 


    e5 2.JPG

  12. Third game ever in my M48. This gun is unreal. Would like to thank WG and the rentals for making this possible. 


    1. HabNab


      Historical photo of M48 gunner's seat


  13. aha yup! Bought my e5 and my patton as soon as I got the credits. Hope they don't take my new toys away.
  14. LOL, NA is down. Perhaps they're fixing that bug with the rentals? 

    1. _Dean_


      Can anyone confirm if this is the case? I'd love to still be able to get the credits. Sadly I think I've found out about it a bit late

    2. JSalvy


      Sadly, they patched the bug. Sorry, buddy :(


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