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  1. Couple more questions. I assume the equipment for the Obj. 140 is the same as the T-54, yeah? VStab, Rammer, Vents? Also I run food in the T-54 because I rarely get set on fire, does the 140 catch fire more often? Should I take an AFE instead of food?
  2. Thanks for the help guys. I finally got it in my Centurion, so the mission is no longer a concern in choosing the tank. Which obviously means I'm going to go with the Obj 140. Can't wait! Just need to grind 3 million credits now. As for the T-62A, I'd rather get something that is less similar to the Obj. 140 like the E-50M or BatChat. Plus, I can always rebuy the T-54 if I do decide I want the 62A.
  3. P.S. I'm new to the forums. If there is a better place than this for this question please move it. Already posted on the official forums, so I wanted some answers from people with a bit more experience. I've been having a lot of trouble completing MT-15 for the T28HTC. I either get into games where there aren't enough TDs or the other players kill them before I am able to. My current highest tier mediums are the Cent 7/1 and the T-54. I feel like moving up to tier 10 might make encounters with TDs more prevalent and since they have more hp, I might actually be able to do 2k damage before th
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