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  1. #2 clan NA


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    2. The_direwolf


      omg socks i didn't see you!! =o

    3. HemanathanRX7


      @Fifty_Shades_Of_Socks wow rude i am just stating facts, my stronk p2w Japanese no1 clan has tested them out to great effect :^)

      Or it might be that the entire team was unicum/superunicum recent i don't know :MingLee: 

      Most probably a combination of both, the defender is insanely powerful in the hands of a good player, let alone excellent players (especially if they are using voice comms and focus fire, even if they are individually just average). I suspect with 6-7 defenders and 3 lights you could easily hit 90%wr in t8s, especially if your clan is good to start with

      Also, please no bulli bulba fam, I've played like 1.2k+ cw since 2013 i am allergic to pubbies :cri:

    4. Assassin7


      I got gifted a 252U last night and in a triple platoon of them we won 11/12 games just by driving at the enemy team and giving no fucks so yeah. 

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