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  1. Got banned from the legendary Colddawg's stream for asking him about this ymukwqZ.png



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    2. TohtoriP


      I watched colddawg mechwarrior videos like ten years ago in youtube. Could this be the same guy?

    3. Assassin7


      is this that retarded guy that screams 24/7 on stream and is literally the most cringeworthy person in the world? that wears the sunglasses and the trump hat inside? that got perma chat banned from WoWS for setting up a macro that spammed all the quick commands in succession 24/7?

    4. Fifty_Shades_Of_Socks


      @Assassin7 No, you're thinking of Sergantdumbasz. Colddawg is a club WG streamer that doesn't believe in stats, hates unicums, and sits behind the redline while retaining mediocre DPG.

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