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  1. tomost


    How the heck do you get "reduced armor" to work? I enable the module, what else do I need to do? That the thing you can see chance of penetration, right?
  2. No nerf please now when I finally got it. My turn to statpadd in this tier8 monster.
  3. So if I want to use pr instead of wn8 all I have to do is to change it on xvm's site?
  4. Me too. If I am not a HT I camp bush at E7 and spot both south and west road. I hate south field.
  5. I got JP2 yesterday. Have only played 2 games. Ammo racked twice in the first game and once in the second. Normal for this tank?
  6. One of the best tier6 mediums in the game! I love it! I play it like some TDs eg Hellcat or T25/2. 2-3 lines behind the front and snipes everything.
  7. The progress is to get new tanks? Some tanks are quite alright stock like SP IC. Your argument about be level 1 when everybody is at level 100 fails because I am not saying I would have tier10 tanks. Yeah I guess its a way to get people to buy gold.
  8. I don't understand why I have to play 20-40 battles or more with a gun that is not even half as good as the top one. What does that bring to the game? More than boredom. Right now I am playing stock with T20 and JPanther. Not fun.
  9. I have but didnt find any. So I ask here too. Ok, besserwisser?
  10. I am a bit tired of the crew voices, use national but still. Is the any crew voice packs out there for 9.10?
  11. I am 44 years old and have been playing for a couple of months. In the beginning I wasnt so good, wn8 was under 200 och wr under 47%. Slowly I have improved. Hardest thing is being a LT and play with tiers 2-3 higher than you. My favorite tanks are M8A1 and T-34. Fast shooting and fast aiming tanks fits my style.
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