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  1. my advice play lots of pubs, rage call people the n word and spam a lot
  2. seriously my rep is in the shitter---my rep among my wotlabs peer is very important please support and upvote lets get me back to 0
  3. SHUT up to celts well......gg i thought they could speak english
  4. i asked how lmfao....do you even understand english i am actually south asian so what is wrong with me calling you cracker? but is fine if you call mexicans beaners and blacks ni$$ers love how you say everyone stop the bullshit trying to make me look like the bad guy
  5. how did i piss off top clan players lol when did i track and push allies other than u?
  6. lmfao what only person i push out is comrade jeff and i only talked shit cause your platoonmate was saying racist shit stop making up bullshit
  7. well one died...one was shit and one i got kicked from soooo
  8. ok so i have been in 5 clans? one is pretty much dead....bunny i joined cause of friends till i learned it was shit and we all left look how symmetrical it looks ahha
  9. i don't have prem time and i play tier 10s so what you expect?
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