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  1. I see, bad ministry, shame on you. Well, good luck to you, hope all is working and well! Probably not the right community for me here, so i guess i wont be logging back on, cya!
  2. True, true. I'm probably a bit too far on the "hoping" side. Like, hoping that teacher has an awesome plan that needs this build-up.. or bananas.
  3. Could talk tanks instead, would have to talk T71 stock grind. Guess it's better i don't.
  4. You sure like arguing with your teachers over there in the americas, huh?
  5. arr, it won't take hints!! So what you are doing with Array Random1 = new Array[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0];is adding a generic multi-dimensional general purpose wrapper (i'm not even sure what the fuck that is). Do this instead: int[] Random1 = new int[] { 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 };which creates a one-dimensional (as indicated by [] - [2,3] would mean two dimensions, first dimension with 2 items, 2nd dimension with 3 items, and so on..) array of elements of type integer, filled with the numbers 1-0 (the stuff inside the { } ) instead of value1 = randomnumber.Next(Random1.Length);which won't
  6. so well, i guess i'm doing it.. after somebody bluntly lured me in here by simply asking the right question.. (not pointing fingers here) As you can clearly see, i'm quite bad at thinking of nicknames, be it in-game or in-forums. Speaking tanks, i'm still grinding, mostly all lines at the same time, more often than not getting bored of the tank the second i elited it. Light tanks are good. Mediums are okay. Also the IS-2 is a blast (was a blast until i finished the grind). I'm also quite good at understating stuff. Anyways.. to sum it up.. hi !
  7. As i'm not actually sure what you are trying to do, let me give a counter-example: Random random = new Random(); int[] array = new int[] { 13, 23, 54, 3 }; int randomArrayIndex = random.Next(array.Length); int randomArrayValue = array[randomArrayIndex];That Array class you are using there is a pure utility class from what i can say without reading it up, you better not use it to create actual arrays. (You may want to use it once you get into reflections - but you better not go there, it's a weird place.. )
  8. This: if (right == true) { Player.moveright(); this.Invalidate(true); } will help a ton. The true in there is quite neat to have, as the rect is a child of the frame invalidated. Reading the posts above, also this.gamepanel.Invalidate() or something would probably work (and be cleaner) The remaining stuff is just mixed up event hooks and stuff like Mr Never said.
  9. Ooh, tiny riddle! Made it work. http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=08764412442694739247 Also, hi guys.
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