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  1. All of these tanks look exceedingly bad. Only the tier 8 looks remotely acceptable. Even the interclip on the tier 9 is atrocious and its for mediocre alphas as well. I dont know who would want these tanks as they are. They are novelties purely.
  2. Huh. Did not see one when I was looking for where to post this, so I thought this was the best place to put it =/
  3. Your logic makes very little sense here. Just because you can play at a disadvantage because you dont pay in, doesnt mean you dont get an advantage. This game objectively has pay to win elements. Thats just a fact you have to deal with.
  4. Just wanted to say it somewhere and this seems like the place to say it. Im officially not a terrible player now. My typical loadout I tried to average above 4k, basically only played while in a platoon (I only really play this game in a platoon). Took a long while, many arty one shots right beside 95. I gave up for a bit, when I dropped from 94.7 to 92 after one bad mishap with arty, but I got it in one game after more than a month of not playing. Go figure (Im assuming its due to the e5 being less competitive in the face of new tier 10s). I think the m48 is next on my list as Im liking it a lot.
  5. Since I havent yet seen a guide on how the tk system works, and it doesnt seem its an official wiki topic I decided to put together a post on my casual observations: Its relatively easy to tk someone and not get banned if fit a few requirements. There are pros and cons with the current system, but Im generally ok with it (fire and grinding ticks could use some work though). The following chart applies when you havent done much tk damage recently, none previously in the current game and are in a normal tank firing none he rounds outside of the cap circle.* Im pretty sure it misses a few things, and some might be inaccurate but Im not keen on doing more "study" outside of what I pickup playing normally. for example, Some things I dont know: At what rate you reset to normal after becoming blue or under what conditions. ( Ibelieve you can get out of that state faster by doing more damage and less team damage) How the base amplifier works (but generally you really dont want to tk in base). Some things I do know: There is more leniency for non damaging critical shots like de-tracking a team mate There is more leniency for non damaging critical shots like detracting a team mate Each tick of fire or ground damage counts as a separate hit. thanks to low tiers I know that it seems each tank or perhaps tier has a limit amount of hp before you can turn blue/get banned regardless of hits. If you get banned, after a while the increasing tiers of bans (1 hour, 1day, 1week, 1 month) reset (back to 1 hour). Glossary: 1 Damaging shot is a shot which does damage and nothing else inherently. 1 fire in addition to the damage of the shot. Extinguisher is an automatic one which assumes one tick of damage. Kill shots, like fires are team kills in addition to the shots damage. Result is what happens to you if you do it. Damaging Shots Fire Extinguisher Killing shots Result 1 n na 0 Nothing 1 n na 1 Nothing 1 y y 1 blue 1 y n 1 ban --- --- --- --- ---- 2 n na 0 Nothing 2 n na 1 blue 2 y y 0 ban 2 y y 1 ban 2 y n 1 ban 2 n na 2 ban 2 y y 2 ban 2 y n 2 ban --- --- --- --- ---- 3 na na na ban I just thought this post might help for people confused with the tk system as Ive yet to see any real concrete post about how this system works (I guess to avoid people trying to abuse it), but I think knowing the system can be pretty handy while still serving as effective deterrence against trolling and team killing. I also think it can help particularly someone on the receiving end of griefing as they will have the tools necessary to escape without rage killing, turning blue or getting banned. If Im missing anything, or anything is just plainly incorrect, feel free to correct me. As this is just what Ive casually observed im sure some will be, but hoepfully this is or can become useful.
  6. I thoughts thats what arty was
  7. The -3 is my favourite premium tank. It doesnt make the most credits, and its not the best performer, but its the most fun premium tank in the game imo. Well worth the 11k gold if youre not expecting it to be something its not. What is it not? Its not accurate, its not super fast, its not a type 59 clone. Its a mobile 111 that trades a little armour for speed and gun handling. As you can tell from my review, I highly recommend it. This review was from before the gun dep buff. Its lost some character since then but its only gotten objectively more competitive. Now having both, I completely disagree with @Shade421. They are totally different despite looking so close on the surface. I personally, have both, but think the -3 is more fun. With the -3 you can lol around out trading same tier heavies, hit those amazing full he pen shots and generally having many moments of amazement lobbing your hot footballs at the enemy. The type however, while being objectively more competitive with functionally better armour (by around 20mm which surprisingly is significant), is just less fun and a more straight forward tank to play. No out trading heavies, or lol he shots or reversing up the back of slopes to get more gun depression (though the 5 kinda hurt this point), instead you just use your great turret, ok mobility and decent over all armour to bully all the low tiers you see.
  8. 4202 still not on wotlabs =(

  9. After playing a while I think while they generally have the same pitch but different timing for noise events (Length of the initial bass/release etc) if that makes sense. This combined with the fact that you constantly hear 15-30 guns all at similar volumes firing constantly makes it sound like a bunch of explosions instead of alerting you to the jageroo firing for example unless they are right infront of you. Honestly, I felt it was going to be the same at first, but apart from id say, laggy controls (Small delays in acceleration where very noticeable as you can see the tracks slipping which is particularly noticeable when peeking or going from 0), lights and mediums are able to keep their speeds much more easily and accelerate well.
  10. They are also working on arty. They said thats coming. As for sounds and physics I think its more of a quality of life improvement to make the game more modern
  11. We also dont 100% know how making the guns shoot marshmallows would change the game yet I feel like no one would be fine with giving it a chance. You can have reasonable predictions and criticisms without knowing the future. There is enough information to form an opinion on. Im not arguing one way or the other about this patch with this comment, but what I am saying is that argument is great. There is no reason that people cant predict within reason like many predicted with rubicon and there's definitely no reason the devs should take to throwing shit on the wall to see what sticks. Ontop of that, the whining isnt the same The feel didnt significantly change with the previous physics implementation. What changed was that tanks could fall off cliffs, which while a change in regards to map design/play had a relatively small difference in the way tanks felt or moved otherwise. That takes more testing and though than a change like this. Even if you still hold that opinion, what is the point of the test server if not to get a taste and voice opinions on the current changes to come into the game? What is the point if everyone should just wait and see when tons of time on the regular server could be wasted if a bad patch was released.
  12. Its pretty bad at 130-140, but I get near that on west.
  13. Honestly, I think pubbies will like light tanks more since they retain speeds better. They probably didnt care about fine movements of their tanks anyways in the first place so its probably doesnt affect them.
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