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  1. Hi there, Fairly ok player. Took 4 months off for work but schedule has balanced out now. Easy going and non drama player who has lots of tanks for all tiers and likes to be social and participate in all a clan has to offer. Last hundred or so battles are barely above my overall cause I'm kinda knocking the rust off. Last 40 or so battles were back up to about 2500 or so at high tier play. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Cheers Milk
  2. Hi there, Got a bunch of tens and all the eights for SH. Was playing solo awhile now but would like to be part of a community again. I have like a recent average tier of 9.7 or so. My wn8 recent is playing 9's and mostly 10's. I suppose I could play 6's and pad but that's not my thing. About me, almost 40 years old, don't cause drama and get along with pretty much everyone. Enjoy platoons, SH's and CW's so up for whatever including large scale naked pudding wrestling and jello yoga. Thanks and take care Milk
  3. I have a bunch of tier 10's, CW experience(some anyway lol) and am a decent player. My stats overall aren't great but recent keeps climbing I'd say. Play quite a bit, eastern timezone and have TS of course. Thanks for reading my post. Cheers
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