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  1. The armour of its competition has grown in general far stronger, with a shitload of stuff at tier 8 impenetrable. Combine this with shitty shell velocity and terrible gun handling for 140 alpha these days (Panther, Panther M/10 etc aim better without vertstabs) means that the gun is just terrible now.
  2. There should be a crew skill that mitigates the effect or shortens the duration of arty stun. Is this a potentially good idea?
  3. Changes to the PW/T don't actually change the effective traverse on tanks with one engine such as Tier 10 tanks since the nominal traverse is already adjusted for engine power (normally the stock engine, but tier 10s have only one engine). The only things that would make a difference are terrain resistances and the nominal but since terrain resistances aren't changed the effective traverse is only nerfed by about a degree. If the tier 10s had a stock engine option that remained untouched while the top engine gets nerfed, only then would you see a change in traverse. Case in point: th
  4. I don't know what it is with me liking nominally mediocre French Heavies (I think the M4 54 is extremely competitive) but I've been finding this tank really excellent. For all you lose in mobility (and it's still fair in this regard, 37 kph, which it reaches on flat, is the same as the T110E5), you get an excellent gun. Holy balls this thing lays down mad damage. The gun handling, intra clip reload, aim time and 5 shots on a reasonable reload time just make this gun THE BEST tier 8 heavy tank gun, maybe on par with the Caernarvon. People compare this gun to a Lorraine gun but there's not ev
  5. see if you play on asia you get the nameless Kappa also TIL Lowe has 400 view range LUL
  6. 5 more games today, all wins, 5.8k average damage. Holy balls this thing is the shit. Up to 4242 average DPG. Doing a full 1k more in this than in the tier 9.
  7. This is laughable At the end of the day, the problem with the 268v4 are not the small micro problems like cupolas, it's the fundamental problem that it's a broken concept. Wargaming want to nerf it to 'maintain its role as a fast breakthrough tank' but the thing is that a 'fast breakthrough tank' is just an intrinsically broken idea. Breakthrough tanks are supposed to be slow and reinforce the tanks which have occupied key positions first. No matter how you try to nerf it, as long as it's a 'fast breakthrough tank™', it will be broken. It may stop being OP but it will still be broken. Sur
  8. Holy shit, I don't know about you guys but I'm enjoying the shit outta this tank. Maybe it's because I play on the ASIA server where there's more goldspam than the other servers so the M4 51 armour doesn't work but holy shit, the mobility, sick gun handling on the 130 (0.35 on a 130mm gun!) and the armour is pretty Kreygasm. One thing I've noticed is that it's pretty inconsistent where good games are great and bad games are ebola, but maybe I'm just getting used to the tank. First session, 18 games, just over 3.8k DPG. Had some bad luck with some bad teams at first (268v4s bounc
  9. Can't make this map work I just can't
  10. This tank is already AIDS tier and somehow, somehow, they managed to make it worse gjgj
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