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  1. ok after reading this, i have to say, im absolute shit at communicating properly clearly, lets see if i can organize this. 1. the padding, i was told that the only thing i needed to do was get my recent up, so i took the fastest route, i also played a fair bit of batchat and is-7 (2 marked the is-7) but clearly since it was my first 10 the stats still appear to be trash, 2. it wasnt that i couldnt listen to calls as much as i was burnt out having no sleep participating in the campaign almost every day (i think i missed 1 or 2 days) from 6pm-12pm or later so sorry i was tired and at times zoned out missing the calls entirely and having to wake up early for school as well leaving me quite drained and sleep deprived. 3. I really am upset at myself because i really hope i didnt blame my toonmate for everything and i have a hard time balancing confidence with arrogance (its something im trying to get better at). Though it would not surprise me if i did part of my ocpd is that it is really hard for me to accept blame but again i know at heart whose fault it usually is (mine). back months ago when i was in 2harm i would try to toon with the harm guys and when i did i would always say "you're in harm im in 2harm so u must be better than me so plz call me out on all the stupid shit i do" and even today i do not think im an amazing player i think i have a good understanding of the game but i have a lot to work on when it comes to decision making and doing so quickly, and i try to toon with ppl better than me in hopes of learning from them and if possible coaching but that usually doesnt happen. 4. It was not that i thought i was too good for pbkac it was that i couldnt stand it there (socially) but at the time was my only option to get the tank. It felt pretty obvious that no one liked me (personally) and that they wanted to kick me but i didnt do anything kick worthy, so i tried (emphasis on tried as i probably failed miserably) to keep my head down and find a new clan that i would be a good fit (socially) in. and again i was trying to appear confident because i assumed that saying im terrible etc would not make a good sales pitch, but i clearly am bad at appearing confident and humble at the same time (advice would be appreciated). I hope this post can clear some things up and hopefully you can help me improve with good feedback. thank you someone needed to point this stuff out to me, i dont want to have this image as an arrogant selfish ass, im really trying not to be but i struggle always have and probably always will.
  2. relics dead why are u here im looking for clans not having a meme off
  3. pompous stop trolling me, unless ur actually offering?
  4. looking for t10 clanwars, clan league preferably but not necessary, lots of strongholds t8 some t6 and t10 as much as possible, good enough to win t8 stronks with less than desirable comps meaning that we can bring pretty much whatever tank we want and still win most of our games. http://wotlabs.net/na/player/thunderxballs
  5. I find it's hard to play and analyze someone else's gameplay at the same time hard
  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone would be willing to watch my stream and give me advice on what to do and or what I should have done in team speak so basically I'll steam with a short delay if any and u will be in ts guiding me and criticizing me. Thx in advance
  7. i have bia situational awareness smooth ride snapshot (recon 89%) among other skills but those are the only ones pertaining to gun handling and vision the idea is that i will be able to spot somewhat if i have no one left to spot for me
  8. Very simple, what is the best layout of equipment for the 50b, i plan to use vstab and gld for sure but the question is optics or vents. optics will help later in the game when trying to carry however anything that helps with aim time and mobility (while still partially helping vision) is almost essential on the french heavies.
  9. Dear Purple Poasters, I'm an average player with a rising wn8 and win rate without any stat padding, and I want to get even better but I cannot figure out what it is that unicums are doing differently than me. I know it's not mods or consumables cuz I watch a lot of streamers and youtubers. It can't really be twitch reflex so it comes down to where they go and who they shoot, when they trade when they don't etc. When I play I look at the teamlist and try to see which team is heavier (more armor) and which is more mobile to try and predict who will win which flank) then I think to myself where should I be to have the biggest impact on the game but my decision making isn't always the best. So my question is: what are you thinking the moment you enter the loading screen, what are you looking for in the team list, what are your goals in whatever class/tank you're in (besides damage) how do you determine where to go and when throughout the whole game, how do you decide whether to poke out and risk a trade or move to somewhere else etc. In summary I am asking for a general or class specific guide to decision making. Thank you for your time and insight, Thunderxballs
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