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  1. I have 1070 Ti and I played on Ultra at 1440p (the best settings available), HD client, FPS were always higher than 80. This was 2 months just before I quit this game.
  2. I believe nerfing Progetto 65 was a mistake. It was the only tank with no armor that was competitive. Some might say, okay, Leo1 is there, but let's be honest, Leo1 is way worse. If Spaghetti 65 gets nerfed, there won't be paper tanks that are competitive anymore.
  3. Imagine how someone like me from Europe feels like reading this Joking aside, this guy playing only tier 1.... I thought I saw everything....
  4. All of my 4 perks crew have: BIA / repairs / camo Commander has sixth sense instead of a camo as 3. skill, and for the 4. skill I usually choose: Recon (commander) + Snap shot (gunner) + Clutch breaking (driver) + Situational awareness (loader/radio op) This setup boosts my view range and works quite good on all of my tanks (heavy, medium, light and TD). P.S. I always retrain for 20 000 credits, never had issues with it, you can compensate in 6,7 games the exp you lost.
  5. I briefly looked at the prizes. I don't care about IS variants, and improved ventilation is something I use od 5% on my tank, so I gave up and didn't even bother playing 1 single game.
  6. igorCRO


    I agree with you. Tier 8 was kinda weird for me, I felt like I always had that 1 shell ready to shoot, crazy DPM or just a feeling
  7. Just to say that... Mate Mišo Kovač
  8. Just a small note, I own 279 and it's kinda poor for Ranked battles. I really dislike the top speed of a sluggish ~35 km/h and its hull armor against premium and often regular rounds. Ranked meta requires tanks with max speed of at least 45 km/h, so anything slower than 277/5a is bad. Fatton speed is kinda low as well. I did most of the hardest games in the last division with Progetto 65, this tank is awesome and most importantly, if you feel like you're about to lose the game, 4 shells can make a difference i.e. kill or deal dmg that is highly required to not lose the rank.
  9. Recently means like 1 year ago hehe BTW the requirements are quite high, around 3500 combined
  10. igorCRO

    WZ-111 1-4

    I really like the alfa
  11. I just played 50 games after a long break and I can't agree more with you. Still a decent tank.
  12. I recently 3 marked Škoda T50, awesome tenk and works very nice even in today's 430U meta
  13. Just a small hint, I did all of my blocking missions for Ruski/China tanks with Obj 257. Wait for tier 7 game, over-side-scrape and that's about it.
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