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  1. I deleted the game on 5 august. Good luck playing this game that IMHO brings more frustration than the joy
  2. I 100% agree with the autor of this topic. Good job man! Quick fix of the current meta: ability to block up to 10 maps (1/2 not enough) + blocking encounter/assault mode too max 1 arta per game nerf tanks accuracy globally by 50% remove or heavily nerf ferraris ebr
  3. Kviki Bejbi raging https://clips.twitch.tv/PhilanthropicRealEndiveDancingBanana?fbclid=IwAR20Pj8-Z7iCFnbj8RmdK1_2kfIy0cDkZakYb_UyO1b5ijU0w0mx41VYBfs
  4. Don't have E4, but if do - I'd play with APCRs only.
  5. Blocked Ensk and Minsk.. but got Ensk several times in last 2 days.... FFS
  6. I blocked Ensk and that new Minks.... and funny enough got Ensk 3,4 times in last 2 days
  7. I feel like arta's direct hit takes much more dmg, while splash radius is definitely smaller than before. Got hit in my UstaĊĦa (430U) by 400-600 dmg easily by tier 8-10 artas....
  8. I agree with you, but not on this. Can you elaborate relation between the tank height and the camo values? I only heard that from Quickfingers... IMO, read the camo values and that's it.
  9. Are we talking about 90% of the maps, especially at tier X?
  10. Just install XVM or any mod. I recommend Aslain's modpack.
  11. What about this one? It should come with "winter" marathon... https://youtu.be/LPTRmOJ955E
  12. igorCRO


    Is there like a gift code for trying this tank?
  13. Yes I remember that... this turret sometimes bounces a lot, sometimes bot IS-3 snipes me from the other side of the map while Im hull down.......
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