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  1. I kind of like it. Only two crew but it's gun and camo isn't half bad. Your thoughts?
  2. this is true for some strange reason. It's nice to have it this way IMO. Camo was very important to my people with all the american air power and spotter planes flying overhead in our war of independence.
  3. good demo IMO. Great game. We often used small arty and mortars to harass and destroy the enemy in our war with the americans. We even dismantled captured american artillery and hid it underground in our underground bases and then reassembled it when it was needed ! IMO WOT's need some Vietnamese arty and tanks for the game. The closest we have right now is the Chinese branch to play and we Vietnamese don't get on to well with them anymore as we did in our war for independence. thanks I will have to look at it. Great job you did. Too many arty haters that never used a piece of art
  4. wow, some game in that arty ! Did the other team go totally american camp fire girl and get spotted by one of your scouts the whole game? LOL The american's did this very often because of our deadly bobby traps and ambushes. Our artillery and mortars cut them to pieces then. Without their massive airpower and all their capitalistic money they would have lost the war far sooner then they did.
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