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  1. Good read OP. It's nice to see those thing written again, even if you have already internalized some of them.

    Glad you found it useful!

    - you turn off the XVM win chance => I have turned off completely XVM coloring. It helps focus on what's important (Tanks, tiers, and the game) rather than stare at the pretty colors on the team list (and sometimes cry when your team gets close to infrared).

    This is something I've been thinking about recently – it doesn't serve me any purpose to see the colours and WN8 before or during the battle. This is definitely a personal thing but I know I'm susceptible to the psychological effects of seeing rankings and things pre-battle so it makes sense to turn it all off and not waste mental effort predicting the game outcome before it's even started.

    - Not berating people in chat => TURN OFF the chat, period. It's useless. You basically see the same messages each game (MM sucks, ahah you're a bot, let's rush in the open field), that range from midly funny to completely idiotic comments. As a game progresses, you start having more and more "Armchair Generals" that died early and feel that their great experience at Dying should be shared. It can be frustrating, and leading to bad decisions. Worse, YOU can be lured into responding or commenting as well, thus preventing you from noticing that TD that just popped up lining a shot on you.  Is the chance of having one game saved by ingame chat worth having 20 runined by it? for me, no. Just turn off that thing.

    This is a more severe option but also one I've been considering for a while now. You're definitely right that the times chat works in your favour are few and far between so you really don't lose much by turning it off. I often find myself putting my self-control aside and responding to messages in chat rather than focusing on the game, which has almost certainly got me killed a few times. I'm even guilty of turning into an Armchair General once in a while if I'm having a bad run, which isn't helpful for anyone.

    I might as well give it a go for a week or so and see how I feel after that – that's what I did with a few other things and I never looked back (eg. predicted WR and game modes).

  2. As a fairly bad player trying to become better you get a huge thanks from me for this post!

    No problem! :)


    Id say this is bad advice. Instead you should look at it differently. Understand win chance, is chance, so it should just tell you how hard to opposition is compared to you quickly. No need to give up games and act like  a brat. 

    It's a personal suggestion but I honestly believe that seeing the win chance before the match can play with your head, however much you try to position it. For me, I found it far easier to remove it from the equation entirely and instead see the win chance afterward when I could use it to compare against how I felt the game went.

    I also have to say a lot of this has your personal ethics that dont actually have to do with learning how to play effectively. Being a good sport all the time isnt necessary.

    Of course, nearly everything I suggest is personal to what I experienced in getting better. It's up to you to take what you want from it, whether following advice entirely, only taking parts of it, or ignore it all. It's up to you :)


    Aha, so you are that Rawkes. Great guide, mate.

    Oh crap, I've been rumbled. Escape! ;)

    Ps. Thank you!


    Almost there after 10k games - and these are almost exactly what I learned. Good job writing that out!

    Thanks! It's good to hear that there are correlations with your learnings too – I think it's really important that people don't take what I say too seriously and instead compare it and merge it with their own experience.


    Great post! Seems like a lot of effort has gone into it and it shows.

    I don't play on EU but it's interesting to see your observation about time bracket differences. I am quite convinced that a certain time mainly yields me with pretty poor results and it's nice to see that feeling coming from someone else.

    I work irregular hours so I generally play at different times and it's a good reminder that I need to adapt my playstyle to the specific time, which I don't do often enough. Worth reading if just for that!

    Thank you, it's nice to see that the effort is appreciated.

    I definitely feel that time has a dramatic effect on performance, though its up for grabs whether that's to do with my current ability (eg. being unable to handle "bad" MM at weird hours), or whether there actually is a statistically-significant difference in WR depending on time of day/week.


    It actually took me 16k games (previous saturday) and a viewer to comment before I realised this was an option.... 

    Great post though, and thank you for doing this. I have only skimmed it so far, but rest assured I will read it when I have time.

    Thanks! And don't worry about only finding out about it after 16k hard-fought games – the main thing is that you now know, right? :D

  3. Well, maybe you could give Ectar a poke in his topic here and ask if he thinks it's good enough to get a sticky on the EU forums. It's also possible you may need a slight title change to make the pubbies on the forums bite.

    I agree - I've re-worked the title and the introduction for the WoT forum copy and will see how it goes down. I don't know Ectar but I can try and message him and see what he thinks.

    I'll ask Ectar on his stream, when he streams again. :)

    Thank you :)

  4. Also when you talk about positioning, a resource u might want to add is the micropositioning topic here on wotlabs, it's a great resource full of screenshots:http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/18266-micropositioning-show-your-awesome-spots-now-compiled/

    Just a suggestion, your post is already comprehensive of pretty much everything a new player could need :)

    I've actually not checked that thread out yet! It's been in my bookmarks waiting for me to look at it. I'll add it to the list anyway as I can already see it's super useful.

    Nice effort, man. You should cross post it on the official forums, should be very helpful for newbies. +1

    Thanks! I've posted in the EU forum but not many people are seeing it so it'll likely get lost amongst the rest – I don't use the EU forums much so perhaps I'm missing a trick. I'm about to do a quick run of games on the NA server so I can post it on the NA forums too.

  5. Nice comprehensive guide, clearly took ages, have all of my upboats...

    Thanks! It certainly took a while but it's worth it.

    A very, very good poast. I second the request for a sticky. 

    20/10 would read again. ;) 

    Appreciate, thank you!

    This is amazing and needs more sticky, though not sure if it should be here, newbie section or both :doge:

    The only thing I'd add is that the true benefit of premium is with credits. I mean, the experience boost also helps quite a lot but the sheer profit difference on regular tanks is disgusting. In terms of profit, you're probably raking in 4-10x the amount of a non-prem player. It may say 30k base income for him and thus 45k for you but if the repairs + consumables add up to 25k, he earned 5k profit and you raked in 20k. That shit seriously matters over thousands of battles but the difference is less significant on high tier prems (though it still matters), since the base numbers are so huge.

    Thanks! I briefly mention the credit benefits but perhaps I can be a bit more specific with an example of how a Premium vehicle compares to a non-Premium.

    Thanks! I actually enabled dynamic camera and horizontal stabilization because of you :woona:

    No problem! It's like a whole new game with those two settings enabled ;)

    Very nice, this is the kind of guide that should be required reading before a player is allowed to push the BATTLE button.  10/10

    Glad you like it. I'm wondering if there's a way to break this down into digestible chunks that I could have in-game via a mod.

  6. I have no idea how pinning works here but you're not the first to suggest that and I'd be happy to commit to updating the content if it does get pinned.

    I could certainly add more about the specifics of vision mechanics and the specifics of how the client/server architecture works (and why you can't cheat like in most multiplayer games).

    Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Wow, this will be a great guide for me to get out of the 0wn8 level. :doge:

    I hope it's useful!

    You shouldn't call it "key" mods. This will give new players the impression that those are required for good play, while in fact - they're not.

    I can definitely understand that point of view. I suppose my intention was that these mods are very helpful for new players to get a better understanding of what's going on, potentially also experiencing a little less frustration. They worked for me but others might feel like they're unnecessary.

    People never listen to me regardless, if it wasn't for me being insulted by others all the time I played badly, I wouldn't have realized that I needed to stop playing like shit. That siemka bob e100 doesn't care if you ask him nicely to face his front towards the enemy or not. 

    You always get the odd arsehole in a game, though generally I've found that the half-decent players are happy to listen to each other without immediately resorting to insults (at least until they die and then everyone gets insulted).

    Wow, nice. Now I have something to read and maybe I'll translate it for my pubbies.

    Is there any way I could make it easier for translation? I'm planning to put together a simple HTML page somewhere so the content will be a little more accessible for translation.

  8. How do I make the most of this? Use sniper mode while moving more? Please illuminate me.

    Basically, yeah. The dynamic camera is mostly noticeable when in sniper mode and driving around (less / no bouncing), and you'll notice horizontal stabilisation most when in sniper mode and trying to keep a nearby tank in your sights while simultaneously traversing your hull – the gun stays on the tank rather than moving with the hull (so long as your turret traverse is greater than the hull traverse). While you may not notice it, horizontal stabilisation will have an effect in any other situation where you're trying to keep your gun on a tank while traversing your hull.

  9. Whats Horizontal Stabilization?

    In the settings there are two options – dynamic camera and horizontal stabilisation – enable them both to remove the reticle bouncing while moving and to keep the reticle pointing the same direction when you pivot your tank. Together these make a huge difference to aiming ability.

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