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  1. So after 3k games I discovered that you can hold down the mouse button to fire immediately once reloaded -- before this point I was constantly clicking when the reload timer was approaching 1 second to go (I know...). I also only discovered in the past 500 games or so the joys of enabling the settings for dynamic camera and horizontal stabilisation in sniper mode -- holy crap these made a massive difference to my performance and accuracy in sniper mode! Why these aren't enabled by default I have no idea. What (potentially embarassingly) basic things do you know now that you wish you knew when
  2. Thanks! I've had multiple recommendations for the M7 so I'm definitely going to check that one out. Haven't looked into the E8 or A43 much so I'll dig into those too. I think I was just a bit lucky that I tend to take games semi-seriously from the start so I never let myself play for too long with continuous loses or when it didn't feel fun. When I finally discovered WN8 and stat-tracking, I was already around 1,000 so I had an OK base to work from. I do wonder how many new players ever consider looking into actively improving their gameplay and fun. Thank you! Hopefully I have something of
  3. Thanks! I actively made the decision pre-1k but it's taken me the following 2k games to see consistent results and to fully appreciate a lot of the terminology and things like map awareness. Looking forward to giving something back.
  4. That's the plan! I'll make a dedicated thread when I have something more concrete to show – it works but it's not ready for prime-time just yet. Thanks for the advice. I haven't had much luck with the American lights though I did try them earlier on in my WoT journey so I made more mistakes back then. I quite like the AMX 12 t and have been getting some decent results out of it – nothing like the Cromwell B mind you. In short, I've certainly found my play-style to be focussed around agility and gun depression – if I can have those and a half-decent gun then I usually play quite well. Still ge
  5. Hey all, Finally thought I should introduce myself to the community after using the WoTLabs resources for so long! It's been invaluable for improving my gameplay and stats over the past 2k games. I'm not bad but I'm not amazing – I make mistakes often but things are starting to click now that I'm actively looking to improve. I'm up to Tier 9 (deliberately holding off T10 for now) and my favourite tank so far is the Cromwell B (so much fun) – that thing just seems to print wins and WN8 for me! Would love to hear recommendations for tanks that play similar to the Cromwell B. My current stats for
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