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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Vents or optics on the T-10?   
    #1 T-10 NA here. I use optics because 489 on the move is fun on some maps. Tho I guess it really doesn't matter
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    MEGUSTAPOW got a reaction from Gling24 in Watching DezGamez' Maus buffs video (the King is Back). First 2 minutes as he's playi   
    It's called skill look it up *tips fedora
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Dodge94HUN in Noticing a bug that grays out the battle button on all tanks and I have to reconnect   
    Just change to an other gamemode and back to randoms. 
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to HELIONIST in I thought CHAI sniping was just a meme...but after being in pubs with them they actua   
    Looking at your stats l can guess how you play so you dont qualify to judge others players. 
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