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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to CompeAnansi in How brave are you   
    @MEGUSTAPOW You might want to update the clan description, which says you're not looking for any members:
    On a side note, as you can see in the above link, BRVE has a level 10 stronghold. Join us so we can start doing them!
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    MEGUSTAPOW got a reaction from CompeAnansi in How brave are you   
    Jamcam has been brought back from the dead with South American witchcraft and thus the resurrection of BRVE has begun.
    We're starting off looking for people with 2400+ recent wn8 and 59%+ winrate
    Strongholds are gonna be our main gig until we can get enough active players for real deal CW
    Players with calling experience are especially welcome so we don't have to listen to Jam's gurgling and puffing 
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to TheSovereign in Post patch thoughts   
    So far I'm loving it. Ignoring the shafting the T10 LT's got its the best patch in my memory IMO.
    -Stun is the equivalent of a fly buzzing around your head. Irritating but generally not rage inducing. 
    -Arty only whacking me for a few hundred at a time now instead of 7-8-900+
    -MM is now taking its medication (for the most part) and making me much less miserable. Top tier? Get ready to farm damage. Bottom tier? There's at least enough stuff that you're capable of fighting without getting your shit pushed in.
    It seems like it's better for the average-to-below-average players as well since they're not constantly getting bottom tier against a heap of good players. They're actually able to be somewhat useful when top tier.
    Rating: 9/10 
    -1 for curb stomping T10 LT's
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to ProxyCentauri in Something you have never seen before. ( 10 000 ' High Calibers ' )   
    The term 'narcissism' is what strikes me first and foremost...
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Assassin7 in Something you have never seen before. ( 10 000 ' High Calibers ' )   
    why is he unbanned? @PityFool
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to ZXrage in Something you have never seen before. ( 10 000 ' High Calibers ' )   
    wow holy shit who let you in

    Also, what do you think of the E-25?
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Gasai__Yuno in Something you have never seen before. ( 10 000 ' High Calibers ' )   
    My Greetings.
    I do not have the ' chance ' to share this in the ' main forums ' anymore,
    So I think that I will share this here for you.
    Not too long ago, I did ' cross another number ' during my ' World of Tanks career '.
    What I mean with this, is my ' 10 000  High Caliber awards goal ' .
    I will show this here now, I think that this is rather impressive.
    ( Also the ' only in this world ' No other player of this ' product ' has reached this. )
    ( There will also show my ' other awards ' if you are interested )

    Let's take in consideration, that the ' number of these awards ' has reduced,
    due of the fact of IGNORANT users at times ' running ' in to my shots.
    You cannot do much about this, as it turns out.
    Yet, I have broken in to the 10 000 High Calibers awards.
    So, tell me, what do you think about this?
    USUALLY, you see ' users ' to post about only one medal,
    I think that it is reasonable to show you, this kind of number here instead.
    The only kind of in this World.
    ALSO, if you are interested, I will show you excellent site, where you can gain some information
    about the ' award count ' in general.
    Here, you will see the values, and how impressive it is to have this many medals,
    compared to the typical players.
    Here is the Link to this ' Information Hub ' ( WoT News ) :
    ( note, the site thinks that it is ' Impossible ' to have over 9999 High Calibers,
    so it shows value under of what I do in reality have. )

    Good Luck.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to SkimpyLawnChair in NEATT is looking for Refugees to help fight SJWs   
    ~Nice, Easy, and Tremendously Tight~
    Okay now lets be honest here. This game is at an all time low of popularity, and an extreme inducer of high blood pressure.
    How can you reduce these negative aspects you ask?
    I mean we can't help with either of those, really... we can't... nobody can.

    So I'm just gonna skip to the point. I'm gonna want to do strongholds a bit once we have players and what not, but for the time being justhang out in our dead teamspeak, play other games, and jerk eachother off.
    If you are a fan of /pol/ or /b/, or even /gif/, we may just get along fine.
    Really though, casual clan, looking for people who are of a decent stat and decently handicapped at the game who just want to hang out, have fun, and play some casual tanks. We also have slack for an even better memeshare between clammates Requirements will be as follows:
    Requirements to join:
    2000+ Recent WN8
    58%+ Recent Winrate
    Be in Teamspeak as much as possible
    Viable Stronghold tanks (for when we eventually get there)
    Ability to laugh at others' pity
    Watch porn regularly
    Some exceptions may be made to those who are able to take down Shia Lebeouf's "he will not divide us" flag
    Contact Info:
    Recruitment Contact: SkimpyLawnChair, RNGarbage
    Complaints Department: Shizuo_Chan
    Teamspeak IP:fuglytonks.teamspeak3.com
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to ProxyCentauri in The return of Garbad?   
    Encourage him to do so. Maybe some of this salt is well deserved but I still miss him. He was a big contributor when very few understood the subtler
    parts of this game. This thread reminds me of young poker players claiming to be way better than Dolly Brunson in poker.
    That might well be the case, but did you actually discover anything or contribute to poker society in any miniscule manner?
    Garbad for sure did, and I especially admired his will to win, often in conflict with the usually sound principle of maximizing your dmg output
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to CraBeatOff in The return of Garbad?   
    He and I chatted a little today, looking forward to carrying his rusty map and firing line ignorant self for a few games. The student shall instruct the master!
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to SkittlesOfSteeI in The return of Garbad?   
    But what if he takes away your title of "Lord of the Spastics"
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to SkittlesOfSteeI in WN8 Value Updating to Significantly Lower Value   
    Oh no not the wn8s anything but that
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Mawdy in What it feels like to win 83%   
    I had to remember my Wotlabs login info just to downvote this you spastic.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to jackquerudo in ShitLord Thread   
    You can let loose in the venting room, in the original thread you made
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to DHP in Serious SPG-Class Redesign with LOGIC of current gameplay involved: Looking for Serious feedback.   
    I don't like arty but you guy's live in a dream where arty doesn’t exist. This will never happen, so I don’t understand why you guy’s keep bashing yourself with this idea.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Assassin7 in E-50 and M46 expected values reverted to v28   
    I love how everyone is just like "nooo my stats are going up again more XVM focus feelsbadman" and then theres this one guy going "YESS I CAN CONTINUE PADDING DAMAGE AT THE EXPENSE OF ACTUALLY WINNING ALL MY GAMES AGAIN BECAUSE MUH WIN ATES"
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Zepherex in E-50 and M46 expected values reverted to v28   
    Hey bro nice shit win rate accompanying that 3700 recent. Seriously when you fuck over your teams by chai sniping do you use lube or just full on dry dock them in the ass?
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Private_Miros in E-50 and M46 expected values reverted to v28   
    Seeing as those people seemingly provide your only current goal and joy out of life, I'd be less of an ungrateful fucker.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to adztownstike in E-50 and M46 expected values reverted to v28   
    Stat padderuuu.
    Shame its only my recent that changed a lot and not my 30 day but... Haters gotta hate
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Zepherex in Active/Viable Clans   
    I for one place Cabra and its 20 subclans as the top 20 clans
    ! V I V E Mexico!
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to nikhanin in New to the community   
    Hello all!
    Signed up today to say hello and to thank all of you for the great content of this site, as opposed to the not so good content at the official forums.
    Have been reading and re-reading as much as possible on the Articles-section of this site. 
    Hope to see you all on the battlefield:)
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to CraBeatOff in Guide on how to Solo at 86% WR   
    At first I thought maybe I should moderate this,  but then I decided everyone just needed upvotes.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to dualmaster333 in Guide on how to Solo at 86% WR   
    I used to struggle to win any games in my T26E5 Super Pershing. The tank would simply cause me rage and I broke multiple keyboards attempting to be purple in it. Then I read Vetro's Guide on How to Solo. I followed his detailed method to improving my Super Pershing game play. His vivid description of how to use skill rounds changed my life. Now I win 120% of my games, my purple member has trebled in size, and all the ladies want me.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Vetro in Guide on how to Solo at 86% WR   
    Hey guys, your friendly-neighborhood unicum vetro here hitting you with a spicy guide on how to solo at 86% win rate. This trick is 100% guaranteed to work and you'll be on your way to making Garbad's ghost jealous of your purpleness in no time!
    The first step is to buy a T26E4 Super Pershing and load 100% APCR rounds. The second step is to hit battle and proceed to shoot all red tanks until they are dead. Do this enough times and you will be as good as Gasai__Yuno, but without the anime!
    Thanks for reading my guide, and please don't mention small sample size. This is 100% statistically accurate.

    Sorry Akula 
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to sr360 in Guide on how to Solo at 86% WR   
    Only 86%?

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