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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to FlorbFnarb in SELL YOUR RENTALS NOW.   
    No, this was not a late April Fool's joke - it is real.  You can sell rentals and get millions of credits.  Probably a glitch or mistake on WG's part, but get them sold while you can.  It'll probably be hotfixed by tomorrow, so don't delay.
    This has been all over Reddit and the official forum, but I hadn't seen it here.
    EDIT: Right click and select "remove".  It will APPEAR that you only get credits for ammo and such, but you will get paid for the full vehicle.
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    MEGUSTAPOW got a reaction from ANTICAMPER in M41 German Bulldog my 0WN8 Tank   
    Wrong bulldog
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    MEGUSTAPOW got a reaction from HappyIittlecloud in M41 German Bulldog my 0WN8 Tank   
    Wrong bulldog
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to 1n_Soviet_Russia in Just when you thought Arty couldn't get any worse.   
    Conq GC Arc so strong, it now shoots in the opposite direction and hits you from the other side of the map.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to engineered in Just when you thought Arty couldn't get any worse.   
    Just when you thought you'd be safe behind that big rock/building, there's now a "mortar" mod to allow arty to fire at their high, indirect angle instead of the default low angle.  Hopefully WG breaks this mod quickly.  It should be pretty obvious to see in a replay.

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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Never in "Where the hell is Never?"   
    So, hi guys.
    I've been very inactive the past few months, and I probably should have made this post a while ago, but well, here it is.
    The reason I've been so far from pretty much everything is that, to put it bluntly, my health is going to shit. I've been to the doctor more times than I can count in the last 3 months. I've been having chest pains and sometimes I can barely breath. If I don't change, I'm going to die. And that pretty much put me in a pretty bad depression. Then when I remembered WoTLabs and everything I promised everyone I'd get done, I'd feel worse and worse.
    Well, this week has been a small ray of sunshine for me. I've since started a heavy diet with close medical supervision. For the first week since I can't even remember when, I've felt no chest pains at all, I've not been out of breath for no apparent reason and I generally feel a bit better.
    So first things first, sorry for not being present here, barely answering PMs and generally not getting anything done on WoTLabs 3.0 or the replay hosting. Right now, I gotta be honest with myself and with you guys. I can't get these things done. I've barely been to my computer at all and that's not going to change for a little while. I'll do things here and there, but I'm mostly gonna be focusing on, well, not dying.
    Well, that's it. Love you all <3
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Blue_blade in Wn8 additions   
    Hi guys, so im not trying to step on toes but it seems like its taking a long time to incorporate the m41 90 into the wn8 tables, is there any idea of when that might happen? Related to this is what exactly goes into determining the specific expected values for tanks. I assumed it was just the averaged stats for a tank but apparently not. Also I am decent at stats in school and curious as to the possibility of joining the math related wotlabs team. What goes into that process. Thanks
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to HardYards203 in 420 day   
    Happy 4/20 day everyone 
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Snoregasm2 in How to get into Clam wars/strongholds etc? reroll lf clen   
    You need a training clan.
    You obviously pub exclusively, so you won't have much team experience. Most good clans won't give a shit about your previous, non re-roll account either - you chose to reroll, so your lack of experience on your current account will be held against you.
    No decent clan will take you on, except to maybe pad their overall WN8. You'll need around 5k games minimum, with 4+ tier 10 CW tanks, before any top 50 clan will consider you. The top 10 clans around, e.g. OMNI, IDEAL, S3AL, L-FEW, will want to see you have around 8-10k games and 6+ tier 10 CW tanks, with WN8 saround 3,5k+ with little padding, before they consider you.
    Ironically, those clans would be more likely to consider an account with 20k games, 2.3k overall and 4k recents rather than your 3.2k overall after 1.6k games. For example, if i spoke Finnish, I'm sure @SaintLaurentius would confirm that RSOP would take me over you, even with my much lower overall, as I have better crew, more CW experience, more tanks etc. CW/SH is often quantity over quality, with tank locking and such.
    Lesson: don't reroll.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Valachio in WoT stats vs real life stats   
    So I felt like writing this piece today.
    The perception of purples by the average pubbie is the same as the perception of the rich by the masses.  I can make quite a few analogies.
    1. The rich don't pay taxes - False, most of the 1% (e.g. Doctors, lawyers, high-skill engineers) pay a lot more in taxes than the poor; only the super-rich who has the ability to manipulate large amounts of money don't pay their equal share in taxes.  Same can be said for the perception of XVM; pubbies think XVM benefits unicums more than the average player.  Whereas in reality, pubbies who use XVM (especially arty) can avoid/focus out unicums and unicums has little need for XVM (I personally don't use XVM, for example)
    2. The rich makes their wealth by luck - False, 95%+ of rich people are very hard-working (80+ hours a week) and experienced many, many failures before finally achieving paramount success.  Many pubbies believe Unicums get better rng, whereas rng actually benefits pubbies (more randomness factor).  Most unicums get good by studying the game extensively coupled with better reaction time and (to a certain extent) above average IQ.
    3. The rich doesn't work hard - False, I've met my share of successful rich people and they work extremely hard.  80+ hours a week is a no-brainer for them.  Some pubbies tend to think unicums use some sort of cheating program or consistently statpad to achieve good stats.
    The last important similarity - 99% of the masses won't become rich, just like how 99% of the players in this game won't become unicums.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Matross in [NA] Sold my main due to family death   
    Sorry to hear about the loss. I wish you the best, GL!
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to RutgerS in Money halp   
    If you are going to Amsterdam you can even set up at the red light district.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to DeltaVolt in LF blue/purp platoon mates T8-10 can pay   
    You shouldn't need to pay people to play with them and there's plenty of people that would help you here:
    Also I'd suggest someone that's like dark-green or teal at first as they'll remember more clearly how it was to play at your skill level. The gap between ~1k WN8 and 2k/3k WN8 is pretty large, the mentalities may not match up well and you'll both end up frustrated. Once you hit dark green it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to try to play with blues (2k+) and once teal to start playing with purples.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to _Cyclops_ in For Sale: slightly worn and torn SteelSeries Sensei gaming mouse   
    I definitely wouldn't by a 1/2 broken mouse ever. Good luck selling that here. Sell it on eBay. People go for anything on that shit.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Gashtag in For Sale: slightly worn and torn SteelSeries Sensei gaming mouse   
    SteelSeries Sensei gaming mouse
    Great mouse, has some general wear and tear, likely less comfortable than brand new but performance is still high. Right mouse button is broken due to excessive clicking. Advised that the next user has low blood pressure and should avoid movement in order to preserve the quality condition the original owner has kept it in - too much stress on the current scratch may lead to slightly worse damage in the future. Includes authentic dark purple rage stab marks.
    RRP: £60/$85. Came from a loving family. Selling for £250 ONO as value was added in the original owner being dark purple. 
    Will sell exclusively to people with < 1 game in arty on their account. 
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to FreddBoy in Picking a prem tankerino   
    IS-6 is now silly good.
    Super Pershing is also gud, but sluggish and frustrating on some maps.
    T-54 Prot. 1 is a gud tank, suffers in tier 10 but stomps tier 8.
    These seem to be the best for winning/making credits in decent ratios. Be aware that all 3 of these tanks have rather underwhelming pen (<190mm for all) so a liberal amount of premium ammo would be an excellent idea to load with.
    However, these being tier 8 Prem's, they shit money like Fuck, so even if you use a premium Shell, as long as it pens you will make money.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Shade421 in Picking a prem tankerino   
    The only reason to play the T34 is because you don't have an IS-6. If you somehow don't have a US heavy crew by now...then WTF you been doing for 18k battles? Is the T-34-3 available in game or only in the shop? If it's in game, pref MM RUhovermed with IS-6 gun and now with usable depression...
    If it's not, the Lowe is actually workable (more so than the T34 IMO). Whatever you do, stay away from the Panther 88. Unless you want a Panther 2 with all the problems and none of the benefits.
    So my suggestions would be
    1. IS-6
    2. T-34-3 (if it's available in game)
    3. Lowe (it requires a very specific play style, but it's a prem German heavy and is much more viable even in tier 10 matches than any other prem 8 heavy).
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to hallo1994 in The T29 Thread / MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN   
    So after looking at all 15 pages, there's no official T29 thread so here we go! The T29, while not as notorious as the IS/IS-2 for its alpha damage, not as accurate as the Tiger, not as big as the O NI, it's still often considered by many as one of the most powerful Tier 7 in World of Tanks due to its acceptable mobility, powerful and well-handled gun and extremely resilient turret armor. (Thanks @nemlengyel)
    Very good turret armor at the front... by bullying the SHIT OUT OF LOW TIERS and even tiers above by holding our ground, defending the ideas of democracy and our values. If angled correctly, its side armor can bounce some shots, soaking up all the Communism, Fascism, and Monarchies. Good AP penetration and if that isn't enough, there's 245mm penetration of APCR, giving the enemy the feel of Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy. Acceptable mobility, making our ways towards victory on the battlefield, pursuing "The American Dream". Good gun handling and aim-time because America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand. Okay-ish Accuracy, shells are guided by Donald Trump because lets #MakeT29GreatAgain. (Thanks @KingYoshiLuca) DPM is a bit poor, but that doesn't stop it liberating the enemy. When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough. - Donald Trump
    Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. - Franklin D. Roosevelt
    We are going to have peace, even if we have to fight for it. - Dwight D. Eisenhower
    It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. - Harry S Truman
    Oh and its my 2nd favorite tank (IS6 is first) and has the highest winrate over 100 battles in any of my tanks.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Cronk in Best quote ever (by Anfield)   
    Oy Vey it's a tomato shoah.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to _Boris_ in Best quote ever (by Anfield)   
    "Hitler motivates me" -- Anfield 2k16
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Zepherex in Best quote ever (by Anfield)   
    XVM is actually what caused a long standing holocaust on a certain colour of people 
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    it's also the tank driven by bads from pupeh because rigging and still fail to do more than their hp in damage.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to PityFool in New Youtuber? (Not Me)   
    I got to the point where he said "dont be a dumbfuck"... BITCH YOU HAVE HIT SKINS INSTALLED YOU ACTUAL SHITTARD. You do not have any right to call someone a dumbfuck while you're too fucking lazy to learn the simplest armour models and were too lazy to create your own style of video so you copied someone else. Not to mention by the time you've finished installing your mods and working out which ones are crashing the game, the next patch is about to hit and you'll have to start over.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to Fulcrous in New Youtuber? (Not Me)   
    There was 0 effort for this crap lmao because it's basically copying everything that other guy does.
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    MEGUSTAPOW reacted to capt-jay in T-54, finally netted a decent game, but still full of bad decisions, please help   
    Agree the FCM was out and out reckless, I am impatient and unthinking.
    Bad ammo habits, loaded HEAT for possible reset, never switched back.
    Thanks again!
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