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  1. Those results basically apply to the 6 players who participated in the experiment. If they are a good representation of the entire WoT community, then these results can be applied to everyone. Of course, you're talking about some of the top players on the server. They are outside the range of Skill level 3, so they'd have different results. If you're interested in a Stat-Padding Optimizer which takes into account your skill level and that of your friends, I'd welcome your participation.
  2. A future experiment would not take into account the same factors. I think the communication one is not really necessary. I'd much rather take into account factors such as tier and tank class. Skill ranges can be adjusted. If platoon were a factor, you'd need to do platoons of 3, 2 and solo. Some people express interest in multi-skill platoons, which bad players would gladly sign up for and unicums would not. In any event, I don't think that's a valid stat-padding technique because if you're bad and not participating in the experiment, it is very unlikely that good or better players will platoon with you anyway. Anyway, are you actually interested in data collection, or were you just joking?
  3. I don't even see where the acronym FAP came from. You started out talking about Tank Averaged Percentile (TAP), then switched it to FAP halfway through. That said, I think percentiles are a very good idea, since they tell you exactly where you are in relation with the rest of the community. The only problem I see is that it is unlikely to become as widespread as the overall skill assessment calculations like Eff, WN# or PR just because people want to see a single number to get an idea of a player's skill and not a bunch of independent numbers. Also, I'm a bit confused about the math. You talk both about a percentile (somewhere between 0 and 1 - showing what percentage of other players you surpass) and a ratio (probably above zero and with no upper bound - showing how many times as good as average you are). Could you clarify which one you're using or if one is derived from the other?
  4. Yes, I am well aware that Eff is not the best measure of personal skill, but the ranges I used were so enormous anyway, that I don't think it makes much difference. Also, I agree about small sample sizes. Let me clarify right now that this was a preliminary experiment done with very few volunteers over a limited time. The purpose is not to give conclusive results, but to generate interest and recruit participants both for experimental design and data collection.
  5. I copied and pasted this post from the WoT Forums in the hopes that I could obtain some positive feedback and collaborators from a more scientifically-minded community. 1. Introduction Many WoT players have opinions about the effects of platooning or Tank Companies on personal stats such as Winrate, Survival Rate, Efficiency, WN6 or Performance Rating. I believe most people think that platooning in general will have a positive effect on Winrate and a negative effect on Efficiency (or any other individual performance calculation.) (I just want to clarify here that I have no interest in knowing what your personal opinion is about these effects, so please don’t spam this thread by posting them.) In order to get some real evidence, not based on personal experience or speculation, I designed an experiment which relates Player Skill, Platoon Size, and Communication to Winrate, Survival Rate, and Efficiency. Due to limitations with the maximum size of posts, I'm going to have to break this into parts and I will go on to explain the entire experimental process, although it’s a bit technical at times. If you don’t know anything about experimental design and/or don’t care, I suggest you go right on down to section 7.2 (Preliminary Stat-Padding Optimizer). 2. Objectives 3. Experimental Design 4. Experimental Procedure 5. Results 6. Analysis 7. Conclusions 7.1 Observations 7.2 Preliminary Stat-Padding Optimizer 7.3 Sources of Error 7.4 Future Projects 8. Request from the Community The purpose of posting these results on the WoT forum is to obtain feedback from the more scientifically-minded WoT community, regarding which experiments would give the most useful results and how to design them. I am also looking for players of all skill levels who are interested in participating in further experiments. You can either respond here or PM me. I am open to constructive criticism, inquiries and revealing more details about any part of the process. Having said that, I know this forum is filled with trolls, so if you don’t want me to permanently ignore you, please don’t do any of the following: Tell me your personal opinions on platooning and/or stat-padding, unless you are doing so as a preliminary to suggest an experiment. Criticize the experiment unless you read the whole thing and both understand it and know what you’re talking about. (A hint, if you don’t at least have a university degree in some field related to math, science, or engineering, you probably don’t know what you’re talking about) Make fun of the wording I used. Claim that I said something I didn’t or that I didn’t say something I did. Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who participated in this experiment. Their names will remain anonymous, but they know who they are. -Ravenmaster
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