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  1. Guys, thanks for the messages. I've already spoken with some of you in game, and will probably hop on some TS's over the next couple hours. Right now I'm mostly looking at AWFUL and PINGU; I'd be interested in RELIC main, but I doubt I have the overalls that you guys are looking for. Anyways, thank you for the interest, I'll reach out here shortly. -UW
  2. So BT died again, need a new clan. CW isn't really a big thing for me. I'm on pretty much every night, and I'm obviously willing to help, it's just not something that's a deal-breaker for me. More into skirms/platoons/etc. Feel free to send me a msg on here if you think I'd be a good fit for your clan, and we can run for a bit to feel each other out and see if it's something that could work for all sides.
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