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  1. Three mission left for T-22 :frenchy:

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    2. bolagnaise


      If you have done it without the 'Yo Bro, let me shoot you a few times with HE' method. Well done. 

    3. Dodge94HUN


      @bolagnaise, SH missions were somewhat easier, except for the 10 kill mission. I just wanted to get a girl from SH into my TVP, but since I did D-11 on second try yesterday, I decided to go for it.

      @woe2you, yeah I need to bribe people to platoon up with me in Domination. 

    4. woe2you


      Ugh. 10 kills is what I'm stuck on for both sets. Add me in game and gimme a shout if you see me online, I don't need bribing.

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