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  1. INB4 negreps: I really dislike the E5.

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    2. Zezti


      I agree, it's so boring to play. Rather play FV or IS7

    3. Dodge94HUN


      not even that it is boring to play. I just feel like that the FV simply outperforms it in any situation (in my hands at least). I dislike the gun, I dislike the mobility, I dislike how bad it takes Anime hits, I dislike that the armor is random as hell. Sometimes I can carry and win games, and I am sure I should L2P this tank, but I just feel like that it is a mediocre piece of hamburger eating medium wannabe.

    4. leggasiini


      Good to know im not only onw who thinks Tiger 2 is aids.

      I found even fucking TVP VTU more enjoyable. In fact only tier 8 i hated more than tiger was Shitturion 1 and Caerna Von Turd.

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